Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 14 You know, how much I really love you

  "Especially you, Sophia, I saw you once and threw up all my food for two days!" Aria pointed at Sophia again .

  Sophia smiles: "Really? But I don't see you throwing up either? Did you spit it out and eat it back in?"

  "Geez, that's gross!" Chloe pinched her nose with one hand, fanned it with the other, and then said with a smile, "But I love it! Hahaha!"

  Aria looked at Sophia with anger, and every time she saw her, she wanted to tear her apart.

  "Sophia, what are you talking about? Don't you rely on a man to get where you are today? Without a man, you're nothing!"

  Sophia still not only did not get angry, but smiled deeper: "You're right, I can at least lean on men, which means I'm good looking, but you, young lady of Riley family, you can't even lean on men, oh, I forgot when... ..."

  "Shut up!"

  Aria yelled as if she was irritated.

  Sophia laughs softly, sarcasm in her eyes.

  Aria looked at the salesman: "I like this car, how much is it, I'll buy it!"

  Originally Sophia did not recommend Chloe to buy this car, she is not unable to afford this money, why should buy ready-made it?

  But looking at Aria's attitude, Sophia changed her mind.

  "We'll take this car, and, we'll order three at once, Helena, what you fancy, go and sign the contract with them!"

  Helena nodded her head.

  "Hahahaha!" Aria looked like she was laughing her head off: "Sophia, I found out that after three years of not seeing you, you can really pretend to be a calf, ordering three units at once, you think you can still afford to buy a random car here with a man?"

  Chloe looked at Aria like a fool, that is Sophia did not want them to know her true identity, which if they knew, scared her Aria silly.

  The car salesman also asked with some doubt, "This lady, are you sure you really want three units?"

  Chloe said unhappily, "Ugh, how can you talk? Do you think we can't afford it? This sister can buy all your company if she wants!"

  "Hahahaha!" Aria laughed once again, "Sophia, you're good, are you saying you're rich with the money our Riley family gave you back then? But how rich can you get with a mere million dollars, or are you saying that you've been picking up clients all these years, so you can come out today and pretend to be rich?"

  "I don't need you to know whether I pretend or not, but whether you pretend or not, I believe you should be clear."

  Sophia how do not know, do not look at Aria is young lady of Riley family, but her early years of spending money is also like water, the Riley family has long controlled her spending.

  The cars here are not cheap, any one of them is tens of millions, of course, this money for the Riley family is nothing, but young lady of Riley family is not.

  "Don't look down on people, I am a young lady of Riley family, not to mention I can afford to buy all the cars here, not to mention I can afford to buy one car."

 "Yeah, Chloe, why don't

  Chloe understood what Sophia meant and

  Aria said proudly, "I'll take the car, how much

  The car salesman said respectfully, "The total


  Aria is

  Twenty-six million!

 How is

, you as young lady of Riley family, should not be unable to

Aria practically popped those

whispered to Emilia, who hadn't spoken, and said, "Sister-in-law, save me in a hurry, lend me 10 million, and I'll

 Aria hand this less than 20 million, or she tried to save out, after all, she is young lady of Riley family, she is surrounded by those who look at her usually drive the car, are talking

 Not steamed buns to fight for breath, said what she had to buy a

was also hard:

have that much? You're the Miss Warburg family!" Aria didn't believe her: "Besides,

and since she was found, it is also a great success, but only she and Auntie Olivia Olivia know that

help Aria, of course she knew it

to be muttering at first, but in the end they weren't too far apart, so Sophia and the

right? How about I lend

this much money? I just don't have that much with me. Wait,

takes out her cell phone and

buy a car ......," the words

  The scene was quiet

  Sophia's mouth was tinged with

know who she

  Chloe said with a smile, "Or I think you should not buy it, why

Aria couldn't not buy it, it was in front of Sophia, so of course she couldn't lose face, but she really couldn't

  Until ......

  Emilia whispered something in

hesitant, but soon said, "Wait, the money will be paid immediately, I

take long for

car keys were

  Sophia smiled and

reason, that look in her eyes made

a car and didn't

 Sophia and the car salesman were choosing a car when they finally calculated the

a joke, but when Sophia brought out a

  How does Sophia have this

to Sophia with both hands and said

and casually

 "Miss Lawson

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