Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 15 Don't you even know how to put on a piece of clothing?

  Emilia stood up, approached him as if nothing had happened, held out her hand, and asked with concern.

  "Drake, how did you get this wound on your head?"

  Drake pushed her away with so much force that Emilia fell straight to the ground.

  "Drake!" Emilia looked at him in pain.

  "You damned woman, how dare you use such underhanded tactics."

  If she hadn't done so many things by his side over the years that he had no way to suspect her, he wouldn't have fallen for it at all.

  The drynessof his body made him uncomfortable, and Drake tried to move outside.

  Emilia quickly climbs up and hugs him from behind in a quick hug.

  "Drake, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do this, it's really ...... I love you too much, not being able to marry you is the biggest regret of my life, Drake, I know you'll hate me for doing this, but what can I do... ..."

  "Get out!"

  Drake broke away from her straight away.

  He moved forward several times, and she followed several times until she completely bored Drake, who had no real sense to speak of, with a kick.

  This time, it almost made Emilia sweat all over.

  Unable to stand up, Emilia watched as Drake got into his car and drove away.

  She kept shouting, "Drake, Drake!"

  The car disappeared into the black night ......

  No way!

  Emilia struggled, at this time, he could not be allowed to leave, the drugs in his body had to be allowed to settle, and once it was not her, then which woman would it be?

  No, don't!


  Sophia had a busy day, just showered, was toweling off her hair, and was about to get ready to rest when she suddenly heard a knock on the door.

  Who will come at this late hour?

  That knocking voice

  Sophia came to the door and looked out through the cat's eye, and the person standing

open the door for me!" The tone was very bad, like she was

dummy to open the door at this

a little late, so I

you open it, if not, I'll

  Damn man!

that he wouldn't let go until he got what he wanted, so she had

was letting a beast in as the man hugged her directly and quickly closed

  Sophia :

person, but can not smell familiar, but the wet hair


he could cook an egg

 "You've been

of Drake's mouth lifted in triumph: "I didn't expect you to know

away, "Drake, you've been drugged, why don't you go to

what I told you, if the ex meets again and hasn't slept around you want

  His voice is so damn good

 And his strength was so damn strong that she

 "Drake, get your ass out of here, I'm not the place for you

effects of the drug have completely taken over Drake's sanity,

kissing, the two have become too familiar to be familiar, after all, when they were together before, they did not do this

  But now, a good horse doesn't go back, she was hurt by this man and his family,

your head out

on her sensitive spot and sent shivers down

  By now, she actually treats him

  Damn it!


  "Don't move, move again and I'll have you

  The threatening words made

to feel her good behavior, his movements are no longer so domineering and rough, but become gentle up,

, I miss you! Sophia

rang in her ears over and over again, disturbing the tips of her heart followed by trembling, almost at

I can remember, that man has always loved her, obviously every time he was about to resist, but

marry for

person, that accident, hard separated them

  Maybe, they shouldn't have

  Sophia, who had come to her   senses, grabbed the phone in a frenzy and, without thinking, hit


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