Revenge On My First Love

chapter 16 you think you really lean on Lawson familiy

  "Hahahaha!" Sophia laughed dryly a few times and opened her eyes, ignoring the blush and looking directly at him, "Are you kidding me? Last night you took the initiative to give yourself away, my sister didn't even bother, and now you'll still want to fuck you, Drake, don't you feel insulted?"

  Yes, that's right!

  Last night he came here somehow, and woke up one morning, but even more so when he saw that he was in the bathroom, with his clothes on.

  Originally, he was not very familiar with this place either, until he walked out, he realized that this was actually Sophia's home.

  The thought that this woman was so cruel as to throw him into the bathroom all night and not even give his clothes off made him want to take this woman apart.

  Even if this is not enough, he is in front of her like this, but can not raise her a hint of interest!

  It's so insulting!

  Sophia felt her body start to burn like never before, and if this man continued to stay here, she might not be able to resist the human urge to do something, and she said.

  "I'll get you clothes, now, you'll drape yourself in my blanket, then, get dressed and get the hell out of here!"

  With that, Sophia pushed him away.

  She went to her room and found a blanket and threw it over his body.


  The president sneezed!

  The president has a cold!

  Sophia looked at him incredulously, didn't she say that a man like him should be an iron man? Seven times a night, for days without sleep, but nothing happened?

  "What are you looking at, why don't you hurry up and get me some ginger tea water!" The man who had put on the blanket was quite fierce.

  Sophia is ready to go to the kitchen, but no, why would she do that?

  "Mr. Riley, if you want me to cook for you personally, you can dream about it!"

  She went to the bathroom, where she had been violated by this man last night, and she picked up her cell phone and called the property.

my bathroom is no longer usable and I must find someone to redecorate it

  Drake: "......"

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three not very attractive faces appeared

  Sophia quickly closed the door, but


  The tone was not very

Riley, you're funny, you can't find anyone, what are you looking for

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  "Don't pretend with me there, don't think I don't know what you're doing back this time, you just want to get

  Drake's eyes darkened

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want to get back at you, but don't you

to speak: "Oh, yes, how I forgot, like you people, do a lot of heartless things, have long forgotten

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I am no longer the Sophia

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  But Emilia said, "Grandpa,

  Sophia looked

know why, but this look scared Emilia so much that she

  The Old Riley seems to trust Emilia unconditionally on this one: "Let Drake

 Sophia laughed coldly: "It's none of my business if he comes out or not, but of course, I'd be happy if the Old Riley could lead him

 Emilia's heart ached: "Grandpa,

just as someone came to deliver

Drake stayed here   last night and didn't even have any

to hit Sophia in the face,

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