Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 18 There's nothing to talk about with people like you

  The other party didn't know what was going on, but seeing Sophia's horrible attitude, the security guard hurriedly ran inside.

  Sophia is definitely the first person who   dared to let Old Riley come out of it personally.

   Old Riley glanced at Travis: "I can't believe Master Travis is here!"

  "It's true that I didn't want to come, but Old Riley dealing with a woman like that really makes me look down on her."

  When did Travis say something like that? Travis wouldn't have done that if he hadn't been pushed to the limit.

  The Old Riley was obviously angry, he spoke: "Master Travis , do you not see it by now? This woman she is with you while deliberately seducing my grandson, such a woman, what are you doing with her?"

  "It's none of your business what you do! the Old Riley, we came here today to tell you that since we've bought this house, we're not going to take it back!"

  "This is your contract, don't let us see it again, where we want to live is our business, mind your own business!"

  Since the face has been torn, the Old Riley also has nothing to take into account.

  "I really did not expect that Master Travis of Lawson familiy is such a stupid person in terms of feelings, last night my grandson was in the same room with your woman, do you not care?"

  Travis had a cold face: "Since you are talking about this matter, I also trouble to ask you to control your grandson, if he dares to harass Sophia again , I will break his legs."

  "Master Travis is really unforgiving?"

  "There's nothing to be done with people like you, Sophia!"

  Sophia,   who received the message , took the contract in her hand, tore it up directly, and finally, threw it at the Old Riley's body.

  "The Old Riley, I told you, I'm not the old Sophia anymore, and if you keep bullying me like that, it's not as simple as throwing confetti at you today!"

  The two men glared at THE OLD RILEY, got into their car and left.

  When had the Old Riley ever had such an insult, or two juniors, damn it, damn it, how dare they climb on his head.

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  Drake called

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 "Can you tell me exactly what you did to Sophia

said loudly: "Did what, do I have to tell you what I did? Also, that woman never goes for your money, she is still with other men, such a woman is

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  Seemingly not wanting to continue on this issue, the Old Riley simply hung up

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Paul was about to leave, Drake spoke up, "If you have something to say,

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 Paul struggled to say, "Back then, while leaving from school, Sophia had a

 Drake clearly felt his breath going out of him as

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