Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 19 You're our baby

  Not long after, Sophia's cell phone rang, from her mother. She picked up the phone, "Mom!"

  Laura is a straightforward person, and as soon as she opened her mouth, she said angrily, "This Riley family, it is outrageous to slander you like this, I think they really don't want to die!"

  Sophia's heart warmed: "Mom, you believe I haven't done this?"

  "My daughter, of course I believe."

  "But ...... aren't you afraid I'll actually do it?"

  "How is that possible?" Laura didn't even have to think about it, she just believed her unconditionally: "You are my child of ten months, don't I know better than you what you can and can't do?"

  Sophia was finally relieved that when she first saw such a smear, her biggest fear was that her family would believe it too.

  After all, she had been with Drake three years ago, those three years, she is already full eighteen years old adult, according to the open-mindedness of young people now, the university has long lived together, if a pregnancy, or even drop a fetus, in fact, are very normal things.

  But it is true that she has never done it in the past three years.

  "Thank you, Mom!"

  Sophia said from the bottom of her heart.

  "What silly things to say, this time the Riley family is so bullying that even I can't look at it, Sophia , mom to help you deal with them?"

  "No need!" Sophia hurriedly said, "Mom, just watch the show in peace, okay? I will fight this battle very beautifully."

  Laura is really intolerant: "Your father saw the news, now hate to carry a gun to Riley manor, Sophia, you are our baby ah, how they slandered you before, we also endured down, but this can be about your reputation, you let us how... ..."

  Bullying her daughter are bullying to the head, they are parents, how can they sit back and wait for death?

  "Mom, trust me, let me handle it first, and if I can't handle it, then I'll let you guys step in again, okay?"

  Laura managed to say, "Okay, that's it for now."

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  It didn't take long for Sophia to walk in on her high

  Paul knew they had something to talk about and closed the door

  Drake sat there as if nothing had happened, glanced at her, and said, "What's Miss Lawson doing

walked up to him and cleanly threw the papers

tell the Old Riley to take down that hit piece or I'll sue him for slander,

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 Drake called out to

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 "You're here, is that all

Mr. Riley want from me? I'm a woman who's pregnant with another man's child, and I've aborted another man's child,

  Since her return, those who had heard from his stepmother and sister, including Emilia, that she was a woman who loved money and would even be willing to be with any man for

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