Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 20 As long as you say no, I'll believe you

  "Crazy crazy!" the Old Riley looked at him like he was a stranger: "Drake, you forget everything when that woman shows up, I really want to know what curse she put on you to make you believe in her so much?"

  "Okay, you don't believe me, I'll show you the evidence now!"

  the Old Riley had long since gotten his stuff together, just in case he came to question him.

  "Look, these are the bills she went to the hospital for the year you were together, and also, there are files on here about her abortions."

  The evidence here is indeed more complete than what was posted online.

  Drake brought it over and didn't want to believe it, but all these sheets were here, how to explain?

  the Old Riley looked at him and said helplessly, "Drake, you should stop being played by that woman. If she really loved you, how could she do these things behind your back? Also, if it wasn't for the money, how could she have been with Master Travis?"

  "Drake, how could you be so stupid?"

  Drake still says he can't believe that if Sophia really did this, how could she have personally sent him the court papers?

  the Old Riley continued: "Drake, I can understand your thoughts, after all, she is your first love, first love is the most difficult to forget in this world, you do not want to have loved the first love is such a woman, I certainly do not want, but ...... "

  "As you can see, things are really like this, and the reason why I deal with her so much is actually for you ah, I really don't want to see you continue to make fools of yourself for her at all!"

  When Sophia disappeared, Drake went crazy and searched everywhere in the world, no matter what they said, Sophia just dumped him because she was with someone richer, but he didn't believe it.

  In those days, the Old Riley almost thought he was wasted.

  But then I don't know how much time had passed, he couldn't find anyone, and he was sure that Sophia was indeed that kind of woman, and only then did he pull himself together little by little.

  At the same time, that was also the time when he took over the company and made it bigger and bigger.

  The Old Riley thought he had forgotten about Sophia because of this and was testing him the last time he asked him to bring Sophia over to apologize to him.

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