Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 21 Sophia is usually not late

  But there was one person who couldn't sit still, and that person was Aria.

  Emilia looked at her strangely, "Aria, I don't feel like you've been feeling well lately, are you not feeling well?"

  Aria grabbed her hand, "No, Sister Emilia, tell me, what am I going to do?"

  "What's going on, tell me, maybe I can even help you out."

  Aria kept looking at her and seemed to be really out of ideas and nodded: "Okay, I'll tell you what, you must help me come up with a solution!"


  It always takes a process for the court to deal with such matters, but the court summons arrived in the hands of the Old Riley's very quickly.

  This is what the other party said to him: "the Old Riley, you see, you are already so old, how can you do such a thing? If you listen to my advice, this matter will end here, you take the initiative to apologize to Miss Lawson, and issue a statement that you really wronged her before, this matter can be ended."

  the Old Riley's face was very ugly: "What do you mean? Did she sleep with you too, so that you can speak for her so much?"

  The   court's face was very ugly: "the Old Riley, how can you speak so harshly? I certainly have enough evidence in my hands to prove that you did frame Miss Lawson, I am just making this matter small, how can you say that?"

  "Get the hell out of here! I am not sure what evidence you actually have, and anyway, your evidence is incorrect, so don't let me see you again!"

  The court is also speechless, deserved their Riley family will be next accident, he is also unable to help.

  the Old Riley said angrily even after he left, "What kind of person, actually even how I do, is that how everyone in the court is now?"


  Several days have passed, and many of you are particularly anxious about what kind of evidence Sophia is holding in her hands that has led the court to accept the document in person.

  Really anxious ah!

  Chloe asks Helena and Sophia to go for afternoon tea, but Helena has shown up, but Sophia is nowhere to be seen.

  Chloe looked at the Patek watch on her hand, "Sophia is usually never late, what's wrong with today? I'll give her a call!"

  To her surprise, the call did not

the other hand, Sophia was driving her car when her cell phone rang, which of course she heard, but never answered because several

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 Chloe became anxious: "Helena, do you think

is not the type of person who likes to be late,


  Picked up the phone and called

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of the situation, Travis hung up the phone and rushed into

is always loaded with information about Sophia's status, and investigating her current location reveals

  Something must have happened, otherwise

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brink of ruin several times,

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  Drake had not seen, but after Paul so reminded, his eyes

  Sure enough, I saw the latest car that Sophia had

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