Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 23: What else can she Sophia do to make great things

  the Old Riley face completely darkened: "Drake, what do you mean by that? How can you speak to an outsider? Now who's fault is it that the Riley family is in this situation?"

  "Whose fault is it?" Drake chewed on the question, "It's my fault. I should never have fallen for Sophia and that's why our Riley family is like this! It's all my fault!"

  the Old Riley also did not know whether Ming understood the meaning of his words, said directly: "In that case you call her, let her take the initiative to apologize and withdraw the news, I will promise her that she withdrew the previous news!"

  It has come to this extent, he still can't realize the seriousness of the problem?

  the Old Riley saw that he did not move, "What are you still standing here, I told you to do it, hurry up and do it!"

  At this time, the butler came in from outside and said in a low voice, "Master, the court is here."

  the Old Riley simply indifferent: "The court came and came, what does it have to do with me."

  "They said they were here to see you!"

  "It's still about that Sophia thing, isn't it? Fine, you let them in!"

  The court came quickly and when they saw the Old Riley, they said politely, "Mr. Rilley, we are here to tell you that the court has scheduled a hearing for this Sunday, and we ask you to be present."

  the Old Riley said angrily, "What do you mean, didn't you see what that Sophia did to me? Now I'm going to sue her too."

  The   other party respectfully said: "the Old Riley, you may be mistaken, it was you who first slandered Miss Lawson, she gave you a chance, now it is her normal counterattack, there is no violation of the law, on the contrary, all you did was to slander Miss Lawson, causing Miss Lawson's life and spiritual certain consequences, and those consequences are yours to bear."

  The Old Riley laughs: "She just wants money, doesn't she? That woman I have long seen, turn around and tell her, since she has taken money from our Riley family, do not want to take it again."

  The court man said once again, "My words on behalf of the court have been brought to you, if you do not appear in court that day, we will proceed a second time, and if you do not appear a second time, we will go judicial, the Old Riley, please cherish!"

  After the court left, the Old Riley was still angry, "I don't believe it, a Sophia can do anything to me!

the Old Riley, he began to speak: "Grandpa, I advise you better go to the

do you mean, she, Sophia, with Lawson familiy, can't make a

  Drake didn't say anything

watched him leave, angry high blood pressure almost rose again: "Drake, you dare to leave, do not think that now the Riley family is really you say what is right, I am not


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 Sophia reached out and pushed her face straight

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  "All right!"

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  "Emilia ?"

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