Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 25 To put it bluntly, don't you just want money

  The court people had already appeared, and when they saw that everyone who was supposed to be there had arrived, they officially opened the court.

  One of the lords of the bench said, "Aria , since you're here, as a party to the incident, you say that it was like the plaintiff said, that she only accompanied you to the hospital and used her name throughout so that you wouldn't be psychologically burdened and so that others would know, is that correct?"

  Aria didn't expect her name to be called at the beginning, startling her as she looked over towards the Old Riley.

  the Old Riley also warned her with a look.

  Aria's body stiffened for a moment: "No, it's not what Sophia said, I was the one who accompanied her, she had a child with another man outside, and before that she lied to me, saying it was my brother's child, and that my brother didn't want a child now, so we went to the hospital."

  "So, what's the deal with you going in?"

  "I went in just to check with the doctor about her condition, that's all." Speaking of which, it was probably the Old Riley that gave her the courage to look at Sophia : "Sophia , if you think the money is not enough, you can talk to our Riley family and we will still give it to you, so why go to court and make you look bad?"

  "Ugly?" Sophia hooked her lips sarcastically, "Hasn't your Riley family realized the seriousness of the problem by now?"

  Aria bit her lip to death, she was indeed very weak-minded.

  "I... I don't understand what you're saying, I'm just going by the facts."

  "Good one for speaking according to facts!"

  Sophia exudes an aura that is enough to whisk away everyone here.

  Even the Old Riley didn't expect her aura to be this powerful after three years of not seeing her.

  Travis also exudes a crushing aura and is clearly not happy with the Riley family's vilification.

  Aria bowed her head in fear, even to the point of lowering it into her body.

 Your Honor gave her a look, "Miss Riley , please take responsibility for what you say, and if any of your words are falsified in court today, we can put

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  They both subconsciously looked at Travis, hoping he could figure out what to do, but Travis had a smile on his face like he knew what would happen

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Old Riley's face was as cold as could be: "What do you mean, why did you arrest my granddaughter? Why did you

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at our hospital, and upon examination, Ms. Lawson has never had any sexual intercourse and is a virgin. It is signed by Dr. Platt, who is well

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that Sophia, a woman with a very chaotic private life, didn't know how many men had sex with her, as long as the rich, she took the

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