Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 28 Sophia , you are dishonest

  Drake looked at her with interest, "Oh? What did I do last night? Why can't I remember?"

  Sophia is not the same stupid white girl, of course, will not fall for his tricks.

  "Now get the hell out of my house and stay out of my face."

  Instead of walking away, Drake moved closer to her.

  "You're so anxious to let me go ...... because you slept with me last night and found that you still have me in your heart, don't you?"

  Such compelling words made Sophia's heart beat uncontrollably.

  But, she refused to have her heart beat for this man.

  "Dream on!"

  Drake leaned even closer, originally they were on the bed, basically no gap, but now it is good, two bodies have been tightly pressed together.

  "Sophia , you are dishonest!"

  She bit her lip to death, and although she didn't want to admit that his name "Sophia" really gave her an initial heartbeat, she wasn't stupid anymore.

  "Drake, don't go too far!"

  "What if I go even further?"

  With that, his lips were almost on hers.

  Sophia's uncontrollable heat was radiating outward a little: "This is not your hotel, you can come and go as you like, get lost!"

  Drake, however, laughed out loud.

  God knows what he was laughing at this time.

  "You are right, this is indeed not my hotel, in that case, then from today onwards I will stay directly in, and definitely will not want to get in and get out!"

  Sophia : "......"

  Why is she suspecting him of driving,

your sister in jail, and you're taking advantage of this by not going to save them and trying to live in, what the hell were

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  Sophia :

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  Drake looked at the place: "I think you're quite lonely living alone in

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  Sophia went up

 Drake covered a certain spot: "Sophia ...... if you kick me bad, I'll hold you responsible for me and never marry another man for the rest of

 Sophia :

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  I wanted to scold Sophia for ended up being choked up and I couldn't

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  Emilia   behind her how to look at Drake feel that he is very handsome, handsome to the

  But such a man should have been hers,

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