Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 30 You say Ms. Lawson is not working with the Riley Group

  "I'll leave the work to you, I won't be back for long." Travis did not have any worries, after all, her sister did not go to the last year of college, but also got her diploma, of course, she had teachers to guide her in the past two years.

  "Got it, Travis , you don't have to worry about me over here, it's fine."

  "Ugh!" Travis sighed: "How can I not think about it, Drake's side ......"

  Of course, he is clear, the Riley family is even more powerful, the little sister is more capable, but the key is still in Drake there. At the beginning, she planted a heel on his body, and it seems that now is not Drake's opponent.

  "It's okay, I can't go back to the old days, Travis, just don't worry, this time you and Dad gave me such an important market, I still want to make more worlds!"

  Travis smiled: "Okay, when Bard comes over, although Bard can not fix Drake, but still can be useful in critical moments."

  Sophia couldn't help but laugh out loud, "Travis, is it really okay for you to dislike Bard like that?"

  "Who made him the only loser among the five of us!"

  Sophia is still smiling.

  Travis had other work to do and went to work.

  Summersky Group is a cosmetic company, the previous market abroad but very good, its cosmetics in recent years in China is very famous, many people want to buy their goods, you have to go abroad, or overseas on behalf of the purchase.

  But overseas surrogates over the years and difficult to pass, so for the domestic market, really do not meet the demand.

  That's why Sophia came over, because after a unanimous discussion among the shareholders, everyone felt that Sealand was the best fit, so they started with Sealand first.

  Mia brought over the list of people to work with.

  When Sophia saw the words "the Riley Group" written on it, she said, "Reply to the people in charge there and tell them that we at Summersky Group do not work with the Riley Group. "

in Sealand, and basically did not

knew that Ms. Lawson definitely did not do this in a moment of anger, must have their own ideas, she nodded: "Yes,


  When he walked out to reply to the message,

her, "You're saying Ms.


can not remember what happened,

such a big deal, and also sent the Old Riley and Miss Riley to jail in one fell swoop,

 No, she had to report this to

looked for an opportunity and

  Abbott picked up, "Hello? Who

  "Mr. Lawson, it's me, Martha!" Martha did a good deed back then

 "Oh, Martha, I heard you went to

am not uncomfortable, just the company side ......" Martha is

on my side, so if there's anything you want

side, Martha got

arrived, Martha told Abbott what Sophia

is to bring personal feelings to the work above,

this blind woman, who is she suing, does she

this, however, let Sophia go to be the head of Summersky Group, this is

  Martha: "......"

say something else when Abbott said, "Well, I'll hang up now if there's nothing

that, the other side hung up the

all know, Abbott is famous for doting on his wife, plus the children themselves

 Martha also knew that if she called again, she would only

let's think

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