Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 32 10 million coins, smashing

  Chloe knew about this and was particularly furious: "Sophia, what were you thinking, why did you let them both go? Did you have a soft heart? Say, it must be because of that Drake!"

  Sophia smiled: "Chloe, don't be anxious yet, it will be like this and it's normal, you should know well, if I don't do this, the next public opinion on the internet will surely say that I am a person with a hard heart, they Riley family have come out personally to apologize and are so sincere, if I still want to put them in jail, that I just don't make sense."

  "But it was their fault! Olivia, this is moral kidnapping!"

  "Of course I know, did you forget what I told you before, that she would find a way to get the Old Riley's trust?"

  Chloe seems to have remembered: "Yeah, how did I forget about this, so you've thought of it?"

  "That's right, this is the moment I've been waiting for."

  Chloe cheered up, "Sophia , do you have something fun to do next?"

  "Well, accompany me to the bank!"


  Although she didn't know what she was going to do at the bank, Chloe thought of all the things Sophia had done before, and she began to look forward to it.

  Sophia was about to walk out when Mia walked up to her.

  "It's not good, Ms. Lawson, just now the Riley Group released a message saying that no group can work with us, and if anyone dares to work with us, they are working against the Riley Group."

  Sophia froze for a moment, then smiled: "It's okay, there's no need to rush this matter, wait for me to come back to deal with it."

  With that, she also patted her on the shoulder and the person walked away.

  Mia can't imagine what time it is, she actually has to deal with other things, is she really not in a hurry at all?


  Prison entrance.

the Old Riley's

had heard that in the inside that is not a person can stay,

 And it's all Sophia's fault , she's the one who threw them inside

  "Dad, Aria!"

 Olivia walks quickly


  Aria saw people and immediately

gently soothed, "It's okay, it's okay, Mom has gotten you out, and we won't


 The more Aria cried, the sadder she

the Old Riley: "Dad, I've

you did this, you don't have to feel bad, it's all because of that Sophia , this time I'm out, I will not let

point, Olivia said with difficulty, "Dad,

furious, "What's wrong with that? That Sophia caused me and Aria to go inside,

 "But on Drake's side he

with such a level head, not saying much, just

THE Old Riley, who looked around and asked, "Where's Drake, I came out, why didn't I

still looked embarrassed and didn't

right, you

  Olivia still doesn't

to say it. Grandpa, I really didn't expect that

but he didn't feel it was a mistake at all, and even this time if it wasn't

chided, "Why are you talking

me about this, I really can't imagine that I, as a grandfather, am not as good as

fact that Sophia sent them to prison is enough to make the Old Riley

is still young for emotional

  the Old Riley again stretched out his hand and stopped: "All right, you should not speak for him, since I

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