Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 33 Somebody, get Drake over here

  The four kept dodging.

  Emilia shouted angrily: "Sophia , this is a police office, you do this ......"

  Sophia said, "Is it against the law to do so? It doesn't matter if it's against the law, at most it's just a jail sentence, I'm not afraid!"

  It is clear that the sound of this side is very loud, but the police office side froze a person did not come out of the.

  Ten million coins is not a small number, a full half hour, three people smashed.

  Sophia drove the car with a satisfied smile on her face: "Sisters, it's hard work, please go eat delicious food!"

  Ignoring their murderous looks, Sophia drove them out of sight.

  "It's too much, it's too much!" the Old Riley was smashed so many times that he would have been hurt if Olivia hadn't protected him.

  When they arrived home, the Old Riley shouted, "Somebody, get me Drake!"

 It seems that the Old Riley is completely disappointed with Drake after this one.

  Olivia felt that everything she suffered today was worth it.

  When the   private doctor came to examine the Old Riley, he had no injuries, but Emilia, Aria, and Olivia had different injuries all over their bodies.

  " Olivia , this time really let you suffer." the Old Riley said sadly.

  Olivia smiled, "It's okay, Dad, as long as you're safe, that's all that matters."

  Drake came back just in time to see the private doctor applying ointment to them, and he wondered what these guys were up to again.

 The Old Riley came up with a bashing: "Drake, I think you don't want this family to get better, do you? What, because your mom broke

that he would say that. He glanced at Olivia, whose

being so angry, you really

"Isn't that

not once or twice she

he mean exactly, does

Riley asked in disbelief,

shrewd once confused, at first in the mall, he was killing

angry, just as we were coming out and getting ready to go

brow, he knew Sophia wouldn't let his grandfather and sister

into this mess, and if we hadn't been protecting your

we owe all these injuries to

this Sophia is really too hateful, I know how much you liked

have found someone to make the people inside also don't care whose family we are, they are all kinds of

  Drake looked over at

feeling of being seen through, but on second thought, she had been disguised in this house for so many years, how could Drake see that it must be an illusion, it must

Old Riley said angrily, "I heard you slept over at Sophia's


 Drake isn't

  "A slap landed

could have dodged it,

Sophia came back, you've been like a lost soul, is it possible that in your eyes, you no longer

corners of Drake's mouth hooked up, "Grandpa, haven't you realized your

it's my fault, Drake, are you from this family

this family forced me to break up with Sophia in the first place, then I'd rather never

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