Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 34 In the end is young, what can turn out the waves

  It was Mia who saw her people coming and said anxiously, "Ms. Lawson, you are finally back, those shareholders outside are not satisfied, they you said that even if you are Master Travis personally sent here, this will only be detrimental to our company, they asked you to hurry to give an account."

  The corners of Sophia's mouth curved once again, and already they couldn't help but show their true faces when they started?

  In the meeting room, many people were waiting there.

  At the sight of Sophia coming over, some shareholders started to speak up.

  "Ms. Lawson, before you came, we had negotiated the Riley Group a big deal, which has a very important impact on our entry into the domestic market, but you are good, just say no, this is not in line with the rules, right!

  "Ms. Lawson, if you do it for business, we have nothing to say, but you do it for personal matters, which makes us very dissatisfied, I think we should report this matter to Master Travis and let him solve it!"

  Martha looked at these people, the corners of her mouth lifted, originally thought of how to take down Sophia , but did not expect her to dig such a big hole for themselves.

  The end is young!

  Mia stood to the side, anxious.

  Sophia didn't say a word, just listened to what they were saying.

  I don't know how much time had passed before Sophia spoke up, "Are all your complaints over?"

  Although they don't want to admit it, they have to say that Sophia's aura is indeed still able to be powerful.

  "Now that you're done complaining, it's my turn to speak."

  Sophia has a great ability to take charge of the big picture.

  "I know that everyone has some dissatisfaction in this matter, and I also owe everyone an explanation, but I will not explain this matter to you for the time being, but I can assure you here that in the next three days, I will let everyone's interests maximize, if I can't, all the interests you lose will be borne by me to help you, at the same time, I will also remove this position on me, you What do you think?"

  One by one, they don't speak and look at each other.

  Martha was not expecting them to agree.

 Sophia followed up with,

"Okay, it's not bad for three days, just give you three days of things, just what you said I have recorded, if you do not keep your promise, we

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