Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 35 Want to know what expression Drake

 "To come to Sealand a year ago and think about these things is truly remarkable!"

  Martha's hand had long since clenched into a fist when she heard what they were saying.

  What's the big deal about Sophia, it's not just Master Travis, it's been known for a long time that they have the idea of entering the country?

  If she had known earlier, she wouldn't have let Sophia make such a splash.


  Summersky Group's counters began to be officially located in major shopping malls, and in the most prominent locations.

  Sophia also did a lot of advertising   for this and gave her clients an unprecedented opening offer.

  Many women are crazy about it, they no longer have to go abroad to buy it, they can buy it on their own turf.

  Those from other cities are particularly envious of Sealand's women and wonder when they will be able to set up a counter in their city.

  In this regard, Summersky Group side also gave a good answer, Sophia said in the video: "Next, we will start setting up counters in the first-tier and second-tier cities in the country as soon as possible, and we guarantee that we will be finished within three months, the third-tier and fourth-tier cities, also included in our scope of work, and of course, the fifth-tier cities, we will be in Within a year, you can buy our products in your own shopping malls."

  "Thank you all for your support of our cosmetics over the years, love you!"

  This is the first time that Summersky Group, as president, has appeared in the public eye.

  Wow! This woman is so good looking!

  Her skin is too good, right?

  The temperament is too good, right?

  Also, she gave a kind of her affinity.

only cosmetics started to catch up, even the president of Summersky

and congratulated, "Sophia, you've made it out of

 Sophia smiles: "I am

businessman, you don't need a penny, just stand there and advertise like that, I really think it would be scary to

been planning for so long, isn't this the day I've

had been thinking about how to make a splash

  "If people knew that you actually developed and designed all your cosmetics, they would probably

after all, it would be meaningless to release

is also the Internet writes this, Drake, your first love so capable,

to know

the day I broke

work well, I'll be your beauty queen in peace and quiet, waiting for


up the phone after talking

began, the products

and said, "Ms. Lawson, Ms. Lawson, the items we just put on the shelves were sold out in less than three minutes. However,

side of the

awareness, to the

asked with some concern, "Ms. Lawson, what if we


have just arrived in the country on the first day, if they let them feel that the product is sold out, not necessarily to let them buy, and

 Sophia certainly doesn't do

mind at ease:

into a fist. She really did not expect that this woman

looks like there's another way to

row, sales of Summersky Group's products were at

that you can rest easy, offended the Riley Group, Drake may be able to swallow this gas, but the Old Riley will


it was a rabbit, but I

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