Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 36 Sophia, you imprisoned me

  Sophia laughed coldly, see? This is the Old Riley, he did the same thing back then, and if she hadn't escaped that moment, how could she have been innocent!

  Now it's good that he's repeating this, and it looks like it's really hard for him not to ruin her.

  "the Old Riley, since you are unkind to me, don't blame me for being unrighteous to you." The rope on her hand suddenly fell down, Sophia did not give a few brawny men a chance, these men fell to the ground.

  the Old Riley did not expect this to happen, the entire body subconsciously took a few steps backward.

  Sophia patted the dust on her body and walked towards him.

  "The Old Riley, do you think I, Sophia, am still at your mercy like I was back then? I haven't forgotten what you did to me back then, and I've been practicing desperately for the past two years because I know that you will definitely do it to me again when I return to Sealand this day."

  "So, all this preparation I've done today is because of you!"

  the Old Riley's body still backed up: "You, what do you want?"

  Sophia hooked her lips, "What do you think would happen to the ...... Riley family if they were missing one of you?"

  "Sophia, you ......"

  Sophia didn't give him any chance at all, directly a hand knife down, he passed out.

  Twenty minutes later, Sophia threw the Old Riley into another room next to hers, tied the person there, and the person left.

  When the Old Riley woke up, he looked around and found the place somewhat familiar and somewhat unfamiliar, he tried to move, but simply could not.

  His mouth was still gagged with something, so he couldn't speak at all.

  He wanted to ask for help, but even more so.


  The door opened and the person who walked in was Sophia .

  "Uh-uh-uh!" He tried to speak.

  Sophia walked up to him and took it right out of his mouth.

  "Sophia , you imprisoned me!"

  "Yes, I am going to imprison you, what's wrong?" Sophia wore an unbearable expression.

breaking the law like this, I'm going to sue

laugh out loud, "the Old Riley, you're really old, don't you think about it, can you get out like this? And,

 the Old Riley

fell into the hands of this woman several

looking for me, and when

in him? Now that you're gone, he can be in charge of the Riley

to understand something: "So, you helped him tie me up


talk to this old man, he is really getting more and more

out how to eat, and don't worry, I won't let you starve for the few days you're over

need to get on, I have things to do, the Old Riley,

 It doesn't matter how many times the Old Riley shouts from behind, but Sophia


  The night the Old

anyone else, the Old Riley if completely disappeared,

I'm just worried that he won't be

no choice but to call Drake about her grandfather's failure to

with the old man, but in the end, he was


  "It's ......"

doesn't know what to

said anxiously, "It must be Sophia, she

makes you so sure that she's the

Sophia's failure to cooperate with the Riley Group, and your grandfather wanted to go to

disbelief, "Sophia is a fool. She thinks she can leave

what you're saying is that Grandpa went to Sophia first and then

 Aria said once again, "Brother, Sophia must have done it. When you find Grandpa, you can't be soft

remember you and Sophia were very close before, when did you do this to her? And, have you forgotten what she

sheepishly and said in a small voice, "I didn't ask her to do that, she had to do it herself, what does it have to

money, so why should I be on good terms with someone like

take a penny, and you

to argue something else, but surprisingly,

yet settled with you, Aria , does not mean that this matter I turned over, when grandfather found, I will properly settle this account

  Aria :

Olivia before he left, but

look stuck

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