Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 222 You Must Stand Firm

All had fun while playing the game.

Soon, only one team member was left for each team, including Sophia, Drake, Edwin, and Chloe.

The game became more exciting.

Sophia and Chloe shared a tacit understanding. After exchanging a glance, they pounced at the two guys.

Edwin dodged quickly. When Drake was about to avoid them, Sophia subconsciously grabbed his arms.

Probably because they both lost their balance, they fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, Sophia's lips covered Drake's.

Silence reigned over the private box.

Drake and Sophia were taken aback.

Chloe quickly reacted and yelled, "Why are you standing there? Help Sophia stand up!"

Her voice brought Sophia back to her senses. She tried to disengage herself from Drake.

However, the next second, she fell back on him somehow and kissed him again.

Others gaped at them.

Fortunately, Charles was still rational. He strode over and forcibly pulled Sophia up.

Sitting on the ground, Drake said with a bright smile, "You are all my witnesses. I didn't mean to kiss her, but she offered to kiss me."

"Shut up!" Bard snapped at him in anger.

It was just a game, but no one had expected it to happen. Bard was irritated.

"Are you OK, Sophia?" others asked in concern.

"I'm fine. Let's continue," Sophia answered while stomping on Drake's balloons.

Much to everyone's surprise, Drake suddenly grabbed her and pulled her back on him. He quickly rolled to be on top of her and kissed her lips.

initiative to kiss her

Others were stunned again.

"What are

"Just now, she kissed me twice in a row. It's unfair. I

look. I only kissed Sophia back once. Still another time left," Drake said while

Sophia stomped his

sensed Drake's purpose.

Others were speechless.

Drake did lose, as all his balloons

time, Chloe

Edwin realized it and complained,

Isn't it still game time? Why didn't you stomp

had to

of Sophia and Chloe were the same. The two stood face-to-face, ready to start

show mercy



of Sophia's balloons first. Edwin

few seconds, Sophia won against her

Bard was alone against other

rounds. However, the one who ultimately

had no idea if

karaoke. Chloe checked the time. "It's pretty late now. Forget about

echoed, "Right.

didn't insist. "OK. I owe you a treat. Let's go to the

They were dismissed.

go to the karaoke. Did it

partially correct. They don't want to be

still haven't accepted you,

Drake answered

at him

"It's alright. Don't worry. They'll accept me

judging from his expression, she could tell

before leaving, Edwin gave Sophia a

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