Seal of Light - Enlightened

Chapter 21: XX. Chronicles

Author's Note:

The next few chapters is a mini arc of events before the time of Mat Adam.

Going back 19 years ago...


The festive season is on its peak, it is Christmas Eve, and within a few days, it would be the celebration for New Year. Not just any New Year but the start of the new millennium. Some people interpreted this day as the apocalypse. Some would say cataclysmic events would occur.

this is the least of John Eve's concern at the moment. He was having the best time of his life with his special someone,

that he would be with his beloved girl. Lily Winterfrost, on the other hand, was planning

threat. It was revealed to them that on the night of Dec 31, 1999, demons would gather and create large


to travel the astral world and use the power of light to battle against evil. They can use partial amount of their powers on a very limited time on the Human Realm. Most carriers dedicate themselves to some personal mission as they explore the secrets of the astral plane. Often, they discover the


1 up to the present state where Mat will discover the rise

Lily Winterfrost is a demonslayer. Lily told John about her mission  as a Carrier of the Seal of Light. This mission forced them to end their friendship. Lily left the disheartened John, clueless of

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