Seal of Light - Enlightened

Chapter 23: XXII No Good in Goodbye

It was a deafening silence in the dead of night. Lily came striding down the path as she approaches the entrance of the old warehouse.

It took her less than fifteen minutes to reach the location. She unmounted her bike and left it somewhere nears the warehouse's fence.

Lily took a few steps in a squat position while checking the vicinity for any suspected danger. Lily pushed the wire-meshed gate as she prepares herself to get inside the warehouse compound.

Someone cautiously sneaked behind and tried to grab her, but Lily maneuvered and had the person on an arm locked position.

She was surprised to see it was John.

"What are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here?" Lily whispered.

"I would love to ask the same question, sneaking on the old warehouse on a Christmas Eve, what is your business here Lily?"

"You should leave immediately John, please," Lily insisted.

some kind of a secret agent?" John

:... A spy?"

"...Undercover cop?"

"... Investigator?"

the strong blast that came from the inside of

you can, stay on

pointing a finger on her. He agreed

the second blast which destroyed the building's main door. The blast was followed by a young woman rolling out of the destroyed door.

shouted as she bolted towards her

you alright?" Lily knelt in front of Rain as she tries to

the pulse of the young boy her sister was carrying. She

the boy to safety, find a safe place to rest and hide.


from a huge leap from the roof of the warehouse. He had this blood scattered all throughout his body. He had this terrifying look. His sharp

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