Seal of Light - Enlightened

Chapter 28: XXVII Shattered Into Million Pieces / Congregation of Soul Drifters

For the past 2 days, Rain stayed inside a quiet room for hours meditating and focusing her training on maximizing the use of her healing techniques. She would do some quick breaks to see John and Summer and join them during meals. John was still convincing Rain not to go. He insisted that their family is the most important thing and the only priority they need to care about at the moment.

Rain's decision to join the war breaks her own heart, but she has sworn an oath to the alliance of Carriers of the Seal. She knew that she would be helping more aside from her own family.

The time has come for her to leave, she took a few while to sit beside Summer's bed. Rain kissed Summer's cheeks and gave her a big warm hug.

"Goodnight Mommy," Summer whispered.

"Goodnight my baby Summer," Rain replied.

A tear fell from Rain. Summer noticed it a touched her mother's face.

"Mommy, are you crying?"

Rain replied with a smile, but that moment is the hardest for her. This is what she would miss if you won't get back from the war. Summer has no idea that her mother is leaving that night. Rain kept on brushing Summer's hair with her own finger until her daughter fell asleep. Rain left the room with a broken heart.

Rain entered the master's bedroom where John was sitting on a chair next to their bed.

"Please Rain, if I could do anything to stop you...."

"Don't speak as if I'm not coming back John, I will get back to you and Summer."

Rain kissed John and then gave him a very tight hug.

"I will stay up for awhile, just in case you change your mind and come back immediately."

John watched Rain as she lies down to bed and prepare herself to sleep.

"This is not goodbye John, It's just 'see you later'. "

John sighed, he gave Rain a really weary look.

John watched and waited until Rain falls asleep.


face of her husband John Eve and their daughter

faded away, turning everything

knew, she was travelling, she was like flying in this void. She found herself covered with endless veins of living light. This

veins begin to disentangle itself

protected her skin from

wearing this ancient battle medic uniform,

Rain, just in time for

at her elder sister who was wearing the same battle uniform, only with a darker shade

the congregation

around them. Rain looked closer and saw that they were angels, these angels were holding weapons made of pure

a whirling portal, three more angels descended to join their party. They appeared much bigger than those who are already in the group. They are the archangels

there were only

among these on the ground is as much level of an archangel, looks like someone's gonna get a promotion after the

assigned per Demonlord, the fourth one will be for the Carriers to take, and we

of the incoming demons, there are only three large ones leading those hundreds before them. They were like shooting stars falling from the

slash each of them, leaving them evaporating like black steam in the air. His next

is twice powerful than us Carriers, but never let your guard down even to the lesser demons, they can still kill us."

and the slave demons landed and started to run to the Carriers direction. It was a ratio of 10 demons versus

Perdere was intercepted

angels spread out and went to assist

the archdemon Tenebris, the angel named Kei'See was assigned to assist and support Sai, came

fourth demonlord?" Zild

struck Zild's chest as this demonlord appeared

"Karasu!" Seth yelled.


of the Seal who are present in

assigned to lead this


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