Seal of Light - Enlightened

Chapter 30: XXIX Revelations

Sai ran in fear, not for his life, but he knew the blast that happened awhile ago could have taken all of his friends and mentors. He reached for the high ground to make a better view in search for any survivors.

He noticed a body lying on the edge of the crater-like ground, could it be?

He recognized the color and pattern of what was left on the uniform, the body wearing it seems to have lost an arm, blood was covering most of the exposed body parts.

"I... I can still feel him, the spirit is very weak, but at least he is still there, I can still save him."

Sai rushed to aid his fallen master.

"Navi'Fang! Please hold on, I'm here, I'm here..."

With just a meter away before Sai reached his master, A huge hand reached up from the ground catching Sai's left leg. The size of it was three times larger than a normal hand.

Sai fell and slammed to the ground, but he is still reaching out extending his arm to his master's body.

The hand that was holding Sai ruptured the ground and revealed a mammoth sized demon. But this demon already lost his lower body part, he started crawling with his other free hand while still holding Sai upsidedown.

Sai's seal lit up, his body started to glow, he drew his ki-blade and started slashing the hand that was holding him. But his slashes seem not to affect or do any damage to the demon.

The demon started to tighten the grip on Sai's leg.

Sai screamed in pain. His ki-blade shattered like broken glasses, but his seal kept lit.


struggle as he listens

human tribulation was a complete failure. We, the outcasted demonlords, have fallen to your kind with the

struggling to conserve his energy, he was waiting for what the demon

learned that the seal you carry represents the divine power, you are just vessels who can manipulate it, of course you are chosen, because not all humans

wrinkled his brows as he digs deep

archangel's power, what if we alter this with demon power? And a little change of heart? They could be as much as powerful as a demonlord, or they could even surpass us, they can do whatever they desire with this immense power. Then eventually, this will lead to

speaks. It was so powerful it melted half of the demon's face. The

now cut-in-to-half face, he started to regenerate it slowly with his body still

location where the

still panting with her both palm still outstretched forward, she

to survive Casus'Lucem, now I will finish you."

an archangel level can do this much damage

a demonlord." Sai

I am the fourth archangel,

Sai and

you are an archangel, can you please help my master instead, I believe

and focused

stood up as if his body was renewed. "Wow that

to rumble, Casus'Lucem crawled and suddenly teleported beside Sai, he was about

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