Seal of Light - Enlightened

Chapter 33: XXXIII Taken Without Warning

Year 2015

It is the festive season of the year. But the temple of Navi'Sai is cold and quiet. The young master's pupils have been long gone.

Navi'Sai was sitting at the center of the dimmed room filled with several lit candles. He suddenly gasped and opened his eyes.

"Oh no Willow Autumn..."

Navi'Sai stood up and hurriedly went to the phone and made a call.

"Pick-up, pick-up..." Navi anxiously waited for someone to pick-up the call as sweat started to build up on his face.

After a few more tries, someone finally answered the call.

"Hello, Ms. Lily, are you al..."

"Navi'Sai, they took her, they took her, they took my Willow." Lily's broken voice was barely understood, she was crying the whole time she was talking. "I couldn't do anything to save her, my seal never came to shine back, if only I have my seal lit, Willow would still be here safe with me..."

"I understand you Ms. Lily, I will do everything I can to help your daughter, I will come over as soon as possible to clear your place and investigate."


Early 2016

In front of the Fang Temple.

Jimmy was practicing his kata when someone arrived and stood in front of him.

grown. A young teenager like you should be playing outside, now stuck inside the walls of

rushed and quick stepped in front of his younger

in the temple?" Sieg asked while

from you, Navi'Sai must have taught you well, and you we're also able to learn how to control your seal in a very short time, very interesting. But I'm more

the one who is taking the young carriers? You took Ethan, Rigs and Willow."

the other demon Nezumi took

are a demon too?

am Corvus, let's end this talk, I'll be taking what I came

his defensive stance. "Over my dead body demon, This is my temple and I

Corvus transformed into a huge

Barrier like the one

hands made a wild glow, he was ready to clash with the

energy erupted between then, Jimmy was raising his

of the duel. His eyes was still lit and his fist was

it brother!"

spear of energy struck out from Sieg's chest, Jimmy watched in fear as he sees his brother helplessly being lift up from the ground by

have to stay low on the background to make sure

"NO!" Jimmy shouted.

an instant, a blast of light energy shoots out from his extended

created a hole on

are the perfect subject for the

black smoke and passed thru Sieg and Jimmy's

his task on taking

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