Seal of Light - Enlightened

Chapter 35: Epilogue

Few days after the last gathering of the new Carriers.

Back at the Fang Temple, Jimmy was alone inside his room, as usual. His older brother Sieg went out with Navi'Sai and Mat Adam to investigate about a demon sighting in a remote urban place.

The blank silence of the night was all over the room as Jimmy tried to find his sleep.

But something is bothering his mind. Fear started to crawl in his veins.

He tried to cover his face with his blanket. With his eyes closed, his spirit senses went wild.


Jimmy took hold of his breath with the blanket still covering his whole body as he heard a whispering sound of his name.

He slightly peeked.

The dimmed room seems to look darker as he peeks longer.

"Why do you fear young Jimmy Fang?"

Just before Jimmy reacted to the whispering voice he just heard, he saw a darker image version of him floating in the air opposite to his body, it was like looking in the mirror, but the eyes of this person opposite to him was all black with no sign of any light reflecting from it. He has this pale and dry skin and his teeth were like fangs ready to devour him any moment.

Jimmy's body shivered. Tears fell from his eyes in fear. He felt helpless, he wasn't sure if his seal can protect him at the moment, or would his seal would even light up to comfort him and get this bad thing happening away. He closed his eyes, and took another deep breath.

change a thing

image replica took hold of his face, he tried to push it away but it was

not here to kill you, nor to hurt you. I came here

pressed his face tighter,

next thing Jimmy knew was he was already standing on this huge open space, it was like a dark


this isn't... this is a different astral dimension... this


by your fellow Carrier, Mat Adam, it would be difficult for us demon to

demon you say? State your name

are going to perform an exorcism, what would you do if you knew my name, young Jimmy

instant, a

body was like a melting candle continuously

when the demon suddenly formed back into his physical form rising up from the ground like molten lava. It

Jimmy is you don't listen, you react

the second time, Jimmy was struggling again

up from the ground and slammed it's hammered fist

to the ground, he saw the treefolk raising his

once again and made this quick charged blast

burst into pieces, but his other arm quickly made a backfist hitting Jimmy once

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