Second Marriage

Chapter 308 Kennedy is My Husband

"Sure, we will let her in. Miss, I am sorry, we do not know you, otherwise we will have let you in. this way, please."

Charlotte stood in situ, looking at the back of Manfred anxiously.

Manfred turned around to look at her with a smile.

"Why don't you go in? The party will be over if you just stand there?"

"You..." Charlotte was still worried about him.

"I will leave after you go in."

"Ok...... keep your word!" Charlotte bit teeth and then stepped forward. When she reached the door, she looked back at Manfred.

Manfred looked at her with a faint smile. Seeing that she looked back, he said, “Go, don't look back."

Charlotte was said, but still turned her head and walked in.

Manfred stared at her back until she disappeared in his sight. He coughed and then fell forward.

Seeing that, the people hurriedly went up to hold him, “Mr. Manfred, are you ok? Good heavens, how did you get hurt like this?"

"I am fine." Manfred coughed, stretched out his hand to break free from those people gently.

He did not enjoy close contact with these people.

"You look badly hurt. Let me send you to the hospital."

"No need." Manfred gently shook his head. Thinking that Charlotte might encounter some difficulties, he would stay there and he would not feel at ease if Charlotte did not leave with Kennedy.


to go down the long stairs. Her skirt was long, so she had to carry her skirt

the scene was crowded, coupled with the many tables.

would she


his position in the city, he would have been the center of attention at the party tonight,

was happy and almost cried out. She looked

Seeing that, the crowd avoided her with disgust and stared at her

this? What happened to her?

met her before. She

have a

to go forward, but was suddenly blocked by two men. The two men were holding a cocktail

walked past them. But they were haunting, "Who are you looking for? We

have time to dance, it doesn't matter. Can we have your WeChat ID?

really in a

phone, “I know, I know, come

Charlotte stared at him coldly, “Sir, please don't force

that, the man's face suddenly

you talking about? Everyone's here to party. Who's

in a hurry, and I'm

you telling a truth or

"Kennedy Moore!”

Charlotte directly

were stunned and then said, "What did you say? Looking

looked at

time to talk with

Moore is your husband?

believe it, it was obvious that their expression changed. People said Kennedy was a cripple, but in business no one could

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