Second Marriage

Chapter 310 He Did Not Want to See Her

Twenty minutes later, Nathan's car finally arrived at the H Villa, but was stopped at the door.

Nathan frowned and beckoned at the gatekeeper, but the gatekeeper still did not let them in.

Confused, Nathan turned to Charlotte and said, "Mrs. Moore, wait for a moment. I'll go down and see what's going on."

"Ok." Charlotte nodded and looked at Nathan to open the door.

After the door closed, Charlotte could not hear what they were saying. Nathan walked over to talk to them, and then he looked back at her with complex eyes. After that he argued with several gatekeepers.

But after a long time of argument, he did not come back.

Charlotte nervously swallowed and had conjecture.

She was silent for a moment, and then finally pushed open the door and got out.

"What's the matter, Nathan?"

At the sound of her voice, Nathan's waist became straight at once. Then he quickly trotted up to Charlotte and said, "It's all right. I just talked to them."

Charlotte looked through Nathan's shoulder and fell her eyes on the gatekeepers behind him.

The gatekeepers, who knew her, now shied away from her eye, not daring to see her. Seeing this, Charlotte confirmed her conjecture. Her eyes fluttered for a moment and she asked in a flat voice, "He won't let me in, will he?"

Nathan's face turned sour and he explained, looking at Charlotte, "No, Mrs. Moore. Mr. Kennedy had been waiting for you for a night and now he must be angry, so..."

"So... He doesn't want me in, does he?"

Charlotte dropped her eyes, staring at her bleeding toe, "He doesn't even want to hear my explanation?"

"Mrs. Moore..."

"Nathan, since they won't let me in, you can go in by yourself."

"But Mrs. Moore..."


here. I will go to tell Mr. Kennedy


look before

H Villa, only a few gatekeepers and Charlotte were

away. In the dress, she looked thin as if she would be

them could not bear it and said out loud, "Mrs. Moore, come here and wait.

moved her lips

He didn't even want her in. How could he care about her

lowered her eyes and did not

gatekeepers could do nothing. Charlotte stood there and they could only look

they knew Mr. Kennedy was angry at Charlotte, but he still loved her, after all, she was the

was the present case, no one could tell

he entered that Charlotte was not allowed to enter. If they let her in now, they would be in trouble. Otherwise, they would just let her

came to the H Villa, the temper of Mr. Kennedy was much better than before,

had never

to prove Charlotte was special to

wind. Charlotte felt her arms almost paralyzed by the night wind and then she finally heard the sound

saw Nathan running

his name in a low

It was too cold.

dress in

a document. He still did

Nathan looked at her with complex

softly, “He wouldn't

rage and not willing to see you. Mrs.


answer. Of course she

to him

of the situation at that time. Kennedy was too scary. He went in and said what Charlotte had told her, but

didn't show up. And now she was acting pathetic? You tell

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