Second Marriage

Chapter 313 Enough

Charlotte nodded. She did not want to fall down at this time, or everything she had done would have been in vain.

She walked towards them, but after only two steps, she fell forward uncontrollably.

Charlotte fell directly to the cold ground.

The big raindrops fell on her face and body. Soon her dress got wet and her hair stuck together. It hurt......

But she had to get up. She had to take shelter from the rain. She had to wait for Kennedy to see her.

She had a lot of to talk to Kennedy. She wanted to believe him, to love him without hesitation.

But why didn’t he come out?

For a moment, Charlotte got tears in eyes, but it was soon mixed up by the cold rain, so she couldn’t tell whether it was rain or tears on her face.

“Mrs. Moore!”

The men cried out when they saw her fall.

Nathan had not come yet back. Charlotte blinked and as she was to climb up from the ground, an gentle but angry voice was heard above her head.

“Don’t go, there’s no need.”

The voice sounded so familiar. Charlotte wanted to see who it was, but before she could move, her body was lifted up and a pair of warm hands held her shoulders firmly.

Charlotte was held in warm arms.

“...You have done enough.”

above head. Her body was held by warm arms. Charlotte

to stay here any longer. Keep your pride

picked up and her hands circled his neck and

back at the hospital? It was midnight, and here he

So it meant...

instant, tears filled Charlotte’s eyes. She looked at him blankly.

you to

want to see me.” Charlotte bit her lower

smiled faintly, “It doesn’t matter if he can’t see you now. Since he doesn’t want to

he turned and was

no! I can’t leave here. I’ll wait for him here. There’s so much I want

moment, and he cast

you, he wouldn’t have left you


Charlotte and she

blankly for a moment, and then

it was my fault. I said I would come, but I kept him waiting all night and

a car accident. If it’s your fault, he’s heinous. Charlotte, I take you to leave here first. You

that, Manfred directly picked her

Charlotte struggled forcedly.

go! I said I will wait here until he sees me!

Manfred suffered serious injury. When

pushed me out of the way and gone back to the door, but I’ll tell you, I’ve been watching, and now I’m going to take you away,

why do you

about you? Why do you do

speechless, she bit his lower lip, “I know I owe you, and I should do as you said, but please, let me down.

The people at the door were

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