Secretly The Billionaire Boss by Debbie chocolate

Secretly The Billionaire Boss by Debbie chocolate

Authors:Debbie chocolate
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CP: Avery Lucy and Grey

The novel Secretly The Billionaire Boss tells the story of Grey, he is a delivery man who is treated as trash by his colleagues because of his low education.
He is a Harvard alumnus, raised in an orphanage. He was a poor guy who supported his girlfriend, Nora, into college until he was betrayed by a man named Seth.

His life changes when he falls into a situation orchestrated by one of Lucy's grandchildren and ends up becoming the son-in-law of Lucy's family.
As Lucy's son-in-law, Gray was able to meet the richest man in the city, who identified him as the successor to Hercules who had been missing for ten years.
Avery Lucy is Lord Lucy's niece, who became Gray's wife and insulted him like everyone else. She falls into Smith's plot to put her in a situation where she appears to be sleeping with random men and sends pictures of her and Gray to their grandfather.

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Secretly The Billionaire Boss is an ongoing urban realism novel by Debbie Chocolate about Grey, a delivery man who is mistreated by society. The novel follows Gray's journey as he discovers his true identity and becomes a respected figure, overcoming betrayal and degradation.
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Secretly The Billionaire Boss by Debbie chocolate

Secretly The Billionaire Boss by Debbie chocolate

540 Chapters

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