Seriously, How Did He Win My Heart

Chapter 670 It's Enough to Have Him

Seeing that Nina didn't say a word, Cameron quickly pulled her into his arms. "Don't be angry. I didn't mean to hide it from you. Our relationship has been unstable ever since I returned to China. I've never had the right opportunity to confess to you."

"Before the contract was terminated, I wanted to participate in a reality show about dates and relationships. You messed it up, didn't you?" Nina asked faintly.

Cameron admitted frankly, "Yes, I can't watch you and other men fall in love with each other."

Nina replied to him and then asked him, "There was a drama before, but the producer insisted on me accompanying him. Did you put him in jail?"

At that time, Nina was not very famous. At that time, she was auditioning for the role of the second female lead. It was obvious that she had passed, but later, at a party, the producer took a fancy to her and hinted to her to sleep with him, then he will offer her the female lead.

She refused the bald old man directly and righteously. First of all, she didn't like the role. She was aiming for the second female lead. Second, she wouldn't do dirty things like sleeping with him. She really liked acting and wanted to be famous. But if she relied on this method, she would rather be an unknown actress.

The producer refused to give up. Nina simply smashed his head with an ashtray and threw him into the hospital on the spot. Later, the old man became angry and threatened to ban her from the industry.

Not only was she kicked out of the production, but she was also rejected by several projects later.

It didn't take long for the producer to get into jail, and then his declaration of banning her was over.

It was no exaggeration to say that if nothing happened to the producer, those people in the circle would not use her for his sake. Then she would never have a chance to stand out.

Not only did she not have the chance to stand out, but she might not even be able to survive in the entertainment industry.

At that time, Nina still felt puzzled. How could that old man just happened to have an accident and went to jail? Now that she knew all these identities of Cameron, she realized that he must have something to do with that too.

When it came to that matter, she thought of the old man. She still couldn't hold back the anger in her heart. "I did it. I gave the court the evidence of his tax evasion."


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