She is a CEO

Chapter 2 Get Caught Cheating on a Rainy Night

"Jacob ... ah, I always feel ... what we did to Lucia ... a bit too much," Though Poppy said so, her tone of voice was full of mockery. She leaned back and looked like she was enjoying it.

Jacob breathed fast, held her long, slender legs, and thrust harder against Poppy. "A bit too much? She's so stupid... I bet she could never find out it was me and you who had set her up..."

Struck by a heavy blow, Lucia was unsteady on her feet and took steps back. As she pieced things together, anger boiled up in her chest.

"You are shameless!"

In the next second, she strode, pushed open the door, and snarled.

The two intertwined looked over and got startled. Jacob's hard-on softened and Poppy wrapped herself in a quilt and hid behind Jacob as if she was confronting a great enemy.

Lucia's heart ached. If she hadn't accidentally caught Jacob cheating on her, she would look like a fool and be thrown out of this house!

"Hehe." A wry smile lifted the corner of her mouth. She shivered and raised her hand to point at Jacob, and said snappishly, "Jerk!"

Jacob sneered and gazed at her sideways, "Why are you still hanging on?"

"Jacob!" Lucia was hysterical, hatred in her eyes, "You will be punished by God, I will sue you and I will put you through jail!"

Poppy nestled in bed and put on her nightgown. Stepping on the fine fleece carpet with bare feet, she looked at Lucia and said, "Go ahead! Just sue us! Your short-lived father would definitely be pissed off by you if he was still alive!"

"Poppy, I want you to die!" Lucia was furious and instantly pounced on Poppy, wanting to strangle her.

However, she didn't even have a chance to get close to Poppy because Jacob pushed her away, "Lucia, stop acting crazy. If you hurt Poppy even a little bit, I'll kill you!"

"Ah!" The next second, a heart-wrenching pain came from her scalp as Jacob pulled her hair and forced her downstairs.


The door slammed shut. Lucia fell to the ground. Looking at the illuminated house, which was once her home, she could no longer refrain from shedding tears.

she saw dark clouds overhead, and the rumble of thunder was

was drenched in the rain, the cold rain running down on her face, down on

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was thrown out of the house by Jacob penniless. The only way she could think of was to rely on her father's friends, so she

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"Phew ..."

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as she let go, Theodore jumped and scurried out of


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