She is a CEO

Chapter 4 Meet Her "Bestie"

Theodore, who had changed into a small suit, followed Lucia and became the center of attention. He held his head high and posed as a business elite.

"Teddy, you follow Auntie Nia and don't wander off."

According to the bylaws, the new executive officer had to make a speech, and she was prepared for it. After asking Nia to take care of Teddy, she walked onto the stage with all eyes on her.

Behind her, the led screen showed a propaganda picture of Jibillion Inc's finance.

She stood there, with a strong, mesmerizing aura.

She picked up the microphone and faced the employees of Jibillion Inc with the speech in mind.

The crowd held their breath and just as she parted her red lips, a clear voice came unexpectedly, "I heard that Jibillion Inc has a new executive officer, on behalf of JTP Group, I would like to welcome you."

The voice was not very high-pitched but sounded out of place in the quiet venue.

The woman, in a white dress, entered the venue with strides, raising her chin smugly, like a proud peacock.

Lucia's body trembled slightly. She could never forget that smug face not far from her!

Poppy was here to screw up the welcome dinner!

Clearly, it was a welcome party held by Jibillion Inc, but Poppy walked through the venue as if she was strolling through her backyard. Her gaze contemptuously swept across the management of Jibillion Inc, as if they were dirt in her eyes.

And when she met the pretty eyes on the stage, she paused. Five years passed in the twinkling of an eye.

It was Lucia! She was back?

Her face blanched, her voice shrill and high-pitched, "Why are you here!"

The crowd was puzzled, "Why the hell did the vice president of JTP Group come here?"

Group with dirty tricks and they did it. Thus, she turned from a penniless

found it absurd and unlucky to see Poppy on

to barge in and take Poppy away, but

was here to cause trouble and everyone

made a mistake,

made the executive officer resign

word that a new executive was coming to take over Jibillion Inc, so she couldn't let go of this opportunity to put the squeeze on him or her, but she never

Lucy? The executive? Lucia?


glancing at Poppy

back, but you're back as the executive of Jibillion Inc. What? Jibillion Inc could only appoint a dissolute woman as

words, 'dissolute woman',

by Jibillion Inc has nothing to do with you. You come here uninvited. We deserve at least a hint of your

She curled her lips into a smile and stared viciously at Lucia on the stage saying meaningfully, "Sure, I come here to show my respect. You know what? Your executive

Old friend?

finished speaking, the watching crowd was whispering in the

her with a calm expression. It had been five years. She had learned to endure silently


that Lucia could remain indifferent after she had

remembered Lucia's tearful

felt a sense of superiority. Walking to the stage idly, she looked up at Lucia. Tensions between

remained indifferent, evoking a hint of

has changed! She seems unperturbed by

turned to face the crowd, and leisurely said, "She is Lucy? None of you knows her previous

face darkened, and her hand holding the

her identity?" Someone

about it. That was

"I wonder if any of

Lucia Webb?

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