She is a CEO

Chapter 10 First Sight

"Someone called me," Theodore murmured. Then he took out his phone, deftly clicked the "accept", and pressed the "speaker on".

"Boy, where are you?" Arthur and Sophie heard a crisp and soft voice from the phone.

"Mom, I am staying with Uncle. I didn't tell you because you were too busy. Don't worry. He will send me back after a while," Theodore lied with an innocent face.

"Well." Lucia's knitted brow became slightly smooth again. She was so anxious when hearing that her boy was not in the lounge. Fortunately, he was safe.

However, who was the uncle?

"Mom knows you have your own take. But you need to be careful about everything and everyone you confront. Right?" Arthur felt strange about the dulcet female voice. It seemed that something tugged at his heartstrings.

"I know, mom. Goodbye." Theodore hung up after responding with a few words sweetly. He then raised up his face and saw that Sophie was looking at him smilingly.

"Hey, I don't know about your name. And who's your mom?" Sophie asked him in a light voice.

"My name is Theodore," Theodore replied.

"Nice name..." Sophie didn't hide her liking for him and asked, "How about your mom?"

"The woman with you that day, humph?" Arthur said coldly. He wasn't like his mother who was easily influenced.

and explained, "She

It wasn't she?

paused and understood why the voice made him feel

later?" As soon as Theodore introduced his mother, he seized the opportunity to set him up with his mom. He never

you back." Arthur knew Theodore

impatience, Sophie turned and said to Arthur with her eyes

be outside alone. You won't leave

the "threat" in Sophie's words, thus he kept

had compromised. And she asked Arthur to get some snacks and chatted with Theodore on the crouch. What she asked most was

idea about his father, and his

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liked Theodore due to his smartness and tactfulness, but Arthur didn't play nice

to his garage with Theodore. Without Sophie's supervision, Arthur lowered his head and asked the child next to him before they got in the car, "What are you

told you that I hope you can pretend to be my mom's boyfriend." Theodore

the child into it. Then

Theodore didn't bother Arthur but contacted Lucia to take him later. While listening to

still busy. But it was her baby boy coming back, she definitely needed to take him herself. Especially, she also wanted to know who was the uncle because people were sophisticated now. What if he was a scoundrel

Inc. After a while, she saw a black Rolls-Royce Phantom stop on the side of the road. Lucia threw a glance at it hesitantly. But in the next second, she saw the back door of the car was opened where

Lucia raised her voice unintentionally and

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