She is a CEO

Chapter 12 The Rendezvous

After leaving the office, Nia walked out of the company directly. Now that Theodore had enrolled in a kindergarten near Jardín de Nieve, the next thing she needed to do was to find an appropriate nanny and Lucia would have nothing to worry about.

Just as Nia was walking out of the Jibillion Inc building, someone bumped into her shoulder and there was the sound of a cell phone hitting the floor. Nia immediately apologized and bent down to pick it up. That person bent down as well and picked the phone up for Nia first. The latter was so grateful, but as she saw who was in front of her, she froze.

It was a middle-aged woman, who seemed extremely elegant and gentle. And there was a nice smile on her beautiful face, "There's no need to apologize. I didn't see you either."

Seeing Nia's dazed face, the woman started the conversation, "Miss, do you work for this company?"

"Oh, yes." Nia, having gathered her senses, answered, blushing.

"Then do you know the new executive, Lucia?" Seeing Nia was willing to chat with her, the woman continued.

Nia asked in turn, "Ma'am, do you know her?"

According to Nia, Lucia had no relatives in Athegate. Plus, since she had been abroad for such a long time and had just returned, it was unlikely that she had made any acquaintance. Then who was this lady?

"Yes, I do. I also know her son Theodore." Seeing the vigilant look on Nia's face, the woman answered with a gentle smile.

Her mentioning of Theodore made Nia less cautious, but still, Nia was reluctant to give any more information, "Can I ask why you want to see her?"

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It would be absolutely great to have Theodore looked after by someone like her.

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"Sure." The woman smiled.

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Nia's heart and led her to have a further conversation with the woman in a café. The woman could not be happier. She looked back at the Jibillion Inc building while Nia was looking

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