She is a CEO

Chapter 13 Only Business

"Mr. Davies?" Lucia tilted her head, for Arthur did not shake her hands. But the next moment, her hand was grasped by a large hand, entirely.

When their eye met again, he pulled his hand back in a way that was not so natural and said coldly, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Then he simply passed Lucia and sat down, "Just tell me what you need."

Lucia slightly ducked her head and stared at her hand. Then she let out a smile. It seemed she did not mind his rudeness. She turned around and sat opposite Arthur.

"I do have a favor to ask from you, Mr. Davies." She said after a short moment of pause, "It is about JTP Group."

Arthur frowned when the name JTP was mentioned.

"You are helping JTP assess CTD, right?" He soon realized why Lucia came for him today. As the director of Branch of Davonnis, of course, he knew what was going on in other financial firms.

"Yes, something was wrong with the assessment, but we cannot find out why. I heard you have made business with them two years ago, is that true?" Since Arthur directly cut to the point, Lucia decided to do it in a frank and honest way and told him her current dilemma.

"Yes, we did have business with them, but it was not a happy one." Arthur sneered.

If that was the case, then Lucia knew that she had the right person. She then asked tentatively, "The result of our assessment is wrong, but the process is correct. Did Mr. Davies bump into the same problem as we do now?"

Arthur then told Lucia everything he knew.

time, there was a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy due to cash-flow problems. JTP Group, known for its large appetite, offered to buy it out. And the firm that the bankrupting company hired to do

with the assessment result, Arthur sensed there might be some traps, so he sent

wrong. The mole was eventually found out and punished, but Arthur simply withdrew from the case. He was too proud to

been two years, but the cases were almost the same. If there was something wrong with the data the other party sent, then JTP Group

was not small." Arthur sneered again. If he hadn't found out the mole, Branch of Davonnis would have been fully

no further questions, Lucia knew exactly what she needed

the coffee and taking a sip. Just as Lucia thought it was time to say goodbye, he asked, "Are you going to see

frankly, "Yeah, it's the

Jacob and Lucia was not something that needed to dig. And now he was just

startled for a minute, then

them were going out. Arthur went to pick up his car, while Lucia was told

her, she was surprised. If she remembered it correctly, it was this car that drove her son

in front of her, and as the car window slowly went down, showing Arthur's

in." Arthur did not think that much and simply invited her to

for a moment before getting on the passenger's seat. The doubt in her heart was slowly unveiling itself. She wanted to confirm with

the man that my son made the

Isn't that weird?

felt it impossible to

at the rearview mirror, in which he noticed Lucia had peeped at him several times. The corner of his lips could

peeping was detected, Lucia cast down her eyes

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