She is a CEO

Chapter 15 Just a Woman He Discarded

Was that Lucia?

When Lucia saw the shock on Jacob's face, she let out a faint smile instead.

She had never forgotten the bad blood between them.

"Jacob, it's been a long while. Do you still remember me?"

Jacob was speechless.

Lucia smiled again, not minding his silence. She sat opposite him. Her identity was self-evident.

After staring at Lucia for a long while, he finally figured out what to say, "How would you…"

Clearly, he had realized that the new executive of Jibillion Inc who had asked to meet him was none other than Lucia!

"I asked you out today to talk about something and solve something." Lucia had anticipated his reaction, but she had no intention to make a great fuss about it.

What was she going to talk about? What was she going to solve?

Was she coming to take back everything?

His suspicion and envy were too obvious.

Albeit contemptuous of Jacob, Lucia set aside personal grudges and continued, "Didn't Poppy tell you that I'm back?"

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"You don't have to worry about anything. Now I'm the executive of Jibillion Inc. I do everything for the

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CTD, we didn't make any mistake, but the result was about five million away from the correct one. Have

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identified the reason why we were wrong." She suddenly looked up, her eyes fixed

many thoughts flooded into his mind. But cunning as Jacob was, he appeared calm and asked instead, "If you have identified the problem, then you should solve

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probably found out the mole he bought off in CTD. But she was just

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agree?" Jacob looked at her without denying it.

raised her hand and put hers on his. Jacob lifted his eyebrow with confusion in his

old one, right? I picked it for her. The last four numbers are her birth dates. 18251478398, right? If she knows that you have met me in private, what do you think she

did not utter

from his reaction, Lucia knew that she had talked Jacob around. She took back her hand and leaned back, staring

mole to confess." She stood up

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