She is a CEO

Chapter 16 Who Dared to Kick Me?

Jacob's scream had drawn everyone's attention in the cafe.


Lucia turned around with her eyes blazing with anger.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" Jacob snorted when seeing Lucia pissed off.

"Jacob," Lucia took a step forward, stared at Jacob without a blink, and said in a deep voice, "do you really me want to rake up the past and dig up the truth, huh? If yes, I'll fight you to the end!

Lucia's eyes were sharp and cold, and she was ready to fight Jacob and Poppy to the end.

"What damn truth can you reveal?" Seeing everyone looking at them, Jacob raised his voice deliberately, "The truth is you are a dissolute woman! You've seen your lover secretly in the hotel and disgraced the Webb family!"

Some waiters, coming to smooth things over, happened to hear his words. Then they were stunned and stared at Lucia.

Jacob told the old story in this tone and twisted the fact. Lucia was so mad that she clenched her fists tightly, and thundered, "Watch your mouth, Jacob! Be a man!" she declared her bottom line.

"What? You want me to sing the praise of you? Lucia, you are nothing but a..." Jacob pointed at Lucia and cursed her harshly. But he just shut up and fell forward abruptly as if he had been struck. Lucia backed off swiftly and saw Jacob lying in front of her.

"What am I?" Lucia pulled a long face, glared at Jacob, and said coldly.

Jacob was ashamed and angry. He stood up with the help of the chair immediately and turned around to roar, "Who the fuck was it? Who dared to kick me!"

"What a coincidence, Mr. Taylor!" A man took back his leg behind Jacob's back and smiled coldly and disdainfully.


Jacob was shocked and wondered what he was doing here.

Lucia looked at Arthur with gratitude. Jacob was standing with his back to Arthur just now and couldn't see him getting close and raising his leg to give him a hard kick, but she did see everything.

doing here?" Jacob's voice trembled a bit. Well, it was quite a hard kick on

don't you think you are being too mean on the public occasion?" Arthur said

at him with accusatory eyes while he was about to defend

Jacob, bypassed him, and went up to Lucia. He stretched to hold

all right. Thanks," Lucia

at Arthur's hand around Lucia's waist fiercely but still had to put on

turned around to leave and pushed the waiters

Lucia's waist until Jacob left. Then he

what she was gonna do if he hadn't shown

imagine he could be so shameless!" Lucia said and

fixed his eyes on her earlobe, only to find the clear tooth marks.

trembled but said nothing, forgetting

and rubbed her earlobe softly. Then he said with a gloomy face,

forward. Very soon, they

the car and fumbled for something in the

had a medical kit in

sterilize your wound." Arthur shook the

bite. It's not that serious." Lucia turned

what kind of disease he's got." Arthur didn't mind

the wound disinfectant and

tooth mark was an eye

and simply let him

Arthur was pretty close to her. And he happened to breathe on

Done!" Arthur said with satisfaction after he put the wound disinfectant to her ear, "Call the police if something like

Jacob on her own but she couldn't refuse his kindness and still

was perfect timing. Lucia asked Arthur how he got to

accident. Lucia apologized to him instantly. Then they shifted the topic

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