She is a CEO

Chapter 19 "Killing Messages"

After work, they had dinner together and went to one of the best clubs in the city. Lucia was a non-drinker. But everyone pressured her and she had a few glasses of beer, then her face was as red as a beetroot.

"I need some fresh air," Lucia said and got out of the private box. At the end of the balcony, there was a corner. Lucia leaned forward and found it was a very small balcony, from where she could see the whole annular building of Central Garden.

Lucia leaned against the handrail and took a deep breath. It was a cold night in deep autumn, even the air she inhaled was cool. But she just felt comfortable with it when she was slightly drunk.

Maybe she had taken the breath so hard that she was out of breath in a second. She got dizzy and her body couldn't help shaking a bit.

While she was about to reach out to grab the handrail, she felt someone holding her waist with his big warm hands.

Lucia was stunned and sobered up. She turned her head and met a pair of sharp eyes.

"So it is you," said the man.

"Arthur? What are you doing here?" Lucia widened her starlike eyes in shock and stared incredulously at Arthur, who was holding her in his arms.

"For social engagement." Arthur lowered his head to look at her red face with unfathomable emotions in his eyes.

Then he added, "Oh, are you drunk?"

"JTP Group's case was done smoothly. I hung out with my subordinates for a little celebration. I was so happy and had some beer." Lucia tilted her head and looked sideways at him, "And, thanks for your kind reminder."

Arthur didn't say anything in reply.

Then she looked at herself and found she was still

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so she could only stay in his arms, staring at the handrail three inches away from her and

Arthur was unaffected. He just held Lucia

with him and tried to struggle. Then

said instantly. Then she felt Arthur had let go of her. She stood still, turned around to look at him, and

again! He got a bit upset by her polite estrangement.

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where are you?" Hearing Nia's voice from the corridor, Lucia, who was laughing out loud,

but she was totally frozen like a

Was...that...was that...Arthur?

handsome face. She believed no woman could forget him or mistake him for someone

care of me here." Seeing Nia standing frozen, Lucia said with a smile, without noticing her words reeked of her

Nia came back to herself and faced up to Arthur who had turned to look at

my assistant, Nia." Lucia

We've met before," Arthur glanced

was uneasy when hearing

stopped his car last time,

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