She is a CEO

Chapter 20 Drive Her Home

Someone knocked at the door of the private box sixteen minutes later. They all thought it was the waiter. One of the male employees stood up to get to the door and got stunned when he saw the man standing outside.

Everyone in Athegate had heard of Arthur.

The male employee didn't know what to do when facing Arthur.

Lucia glanced at him and helped him out of the situation.

"Half an hour has passed," Arthur said to Lucia, but the latter was totally confused.

"Half an hour? What are you talking about?" Lucia said with confusion.

"The text message," Arthur glanced at her and said.

"Oh..." Lucia took a tumble, "You sent that?"

"Yep. Time to go home now." Arthur said, leaving no room for refusal.

Arthur stared at Lucia without a blink. Ten seconds later, Lucia gave in and said, "OK! Then please drive me home."

They had been in the car for more than ten minutes in complete silence. A moment later, Arthur broke the silence, "We're friends now, right?"

Lucia was stunned and said clearly, "Hmm. Right."

"Then, can I ask you a private question?" Arthur added.

Lucia touched her blushed cheeks and asked him casually, "What do you want to ask me?"

"What if..." Arthur hesitated but still asked it out, "Theodore's father shows up?"

He would get the DNA test report the next day and he cared much about it.

Lucia didn't avoid it this time. She said in a low voice, "I don't know. If he shows up, should I hate him or be grateful to him for bringing Theodore to me?"

hate him?" Arthur disliked her

two sides. I don't know him at all, and maybe I just can't bring myself to hate him," Lucia said

hope so,"

didn't see what

over. He was driving very fast that he didn't notice

in the driving seat, had noticed Arthur's Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Master Arthur's car?'

apartment building. Lucia invited Arthur to go upstairs

for Lucia. She ran over to open the door when

up and happened to look into the eyes of Arthur, who

was so shocked with his mouth slightly open when he saw his mother

Lucia became suspicious.

at the same time, "Yep. I drank a

pinched Arthur's arm hard and

you ruin my moments with

on Arthur why Sophie had been acting so weirdly

8 a.m. and came home at night every

the way she got

out and turned around to look

gave him another

went over to the couch and put down her purse. She looked back and saw

closed the door with a smile, and went in. Then she heard Arthur say with sarcasm, "Hi, Sophie.

have blurted this out if not for her good manners

for long again. You must be tired."

for keeping Sophie waiting long for two nights in a row. Most ordinary

and go to bed late. Do you want me to make some

Water is good. Sophie, let me walk you out. You need

go together, Mr. Davies?" Sophie had put

stand up the next second. "Indeed, I've gotta go now.

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