She is a CEO

Chapter 21 Test Report

They told him something, then Arthur hung up the phone.

Sophie knew who had called. She kept on at him after he hung up the phone, "How is it going? What's the result? Is Theodore my grandson? Shall we go upstairs now?"

Arthur was bothered by Sophie's eagerness, "Nope. Considering the secrecy of DNA test report, I have to go there in person to it. It's late. Let's go home first."

"What are you gonna do if he's really your son?" Sophie asked and stared at his face.

The door of the elevator was open. Arthur went out first and said firmly, "No ifs!"

Sophie openly invited Arthur to walk Theodore to the kindergarten with her since he had known she was working as a babysitter at Lucia's home.

But Arthur rejected Sophie's offer directly.

Sophie pouted her mouth secretly. She just wanted to offer Arthur the chance to spend more time with Theodore.

Lucia's working hours were fixed but Arthur's was not. He could seek the chance to make his relationship with Theodore work.

Arthur didn't understand Sophie's good intentions and went to the office as usual, while Sophie just had to go on her own.

Arthur had never been so eager in his life so far. He opened several documents in the office but he couldn't read a word of them. He grabbed the car key and ran out of the office when it turned eleven o'clock.

Arthur was standing at the gate of Theodore's kindergarten at 3:30 p.m.

gate of the kindergarten was closed. It was late autumn but the weather was good for outdoor activities. The kids were playing in

found Theodore playing near the slide at the first sight. At the moment, he'd got really complicated

were father and son. Sophie's initial

laughing, crying and screaming. Arthur couldn't stand these noises in the past, but he

little chubby boy push a little girl who was climbing up the stairs. The little girl had been

confronted each other. He saw Theodore speaking to the chubby boy and the latter was very unhappy, retorted and turned around to leave. But the little chubby boy kicked

knocked at the gate the next

the little chubby boy. However, the teacher seemed to be in a dilemma. Arthur kept asking and found the little boy's parents happened to be one of the shareholders of

his dark green eyes, "If this is how you educate

Phantom outside the kindergarten for a few seconds. She didn't hear that Theodore was from a very rich and powerful family, but Arthur was surely a somebody! She couldn't afford to

"Sir, who are

his father," Arthur said

the chubby boy's parents but she looked very uneasy. She could vaguely hear the boy's father cursing on

the teacher's office and told the teacher not to tell Theodore that he was there. He had just got to accept

the chubby boy's father made it here. He told the teacher off and asked who was shitting on his neck! Arthur raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw him far

the office. Then he flattered, "Mr. Davies! What brought you

sitting on the chair, lips pursed, and knocking at the desk rhythmically with his slender fingers. He stared at the

also remembered he had cursed

kids his son had bullied before were from ordinary families. Their parents couldn't do anything but sucked with it since he was one of the shareholders of the kindergarten. But

brains. Seeing her husband demeaning himself in front of Arthur, arrogant as she was, she just shouted out loud, "Who

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