She is a CEO

Chapter 24 Those in the Past

A hint of helplessness could be seen in Lucia's face when she was linking her arm with Arthur's.

Just now, Arthur took her to a hair salon without saying anything. Then he took her here after the hairdresser styled her.

She didn't know that she was attending the banquet until she saw the guests.

Tonight, with delicate make-up, Lucia wore a long light blue dress and a black coat that Arthur prepared for her for fear she would feel cold. Her dressing set off her pretty complexion, making people unable to take their eyes off her.

As soon as Arthur arrived, he became the focus of everyone's attention. And he was accompanied by the beautiful Lucia. However, when he introduced Lucia to others, he only said that she was "Miss Webb". Many people showed disappointed expressions.

The party tonight was not about business, and the atmosphere was very relaxing.

Arthur found an opportunity to take Lucia to the balcony to avoid those curious gazes.

"Are you tired?" Arthur protected Lucia from those prying eyes.

"Not at all. It's not tiring to drink and eat," Lucia replied with a smile.

"Don't drink too much. You can eat as much as you want," Arthur said considerately.

Lucia was amused by his words. "I'm not a fool," she said.

When the two were talking, a sharp female voice came from behind.

"Hey, isn't this the new CEO of Jibillion Inc, Miss Webb?"

The woman's voice was so familiar to Lucia. Her smiling eyes suddenly turned cold. She pursed her lips and turned around slowly. Sure enough, Poppy and Jacob were standing behind her!


between Lucia and the two people behind her,

walked towards Poppy and Jacob. She didn't want to get

like you could even attend a banquet of

it. Why can't I?" Lucia retorted without even raising her

Jacob, who was beside her, didn't seem to care about her

him gracefully. Her incomparable beauty stunned him for

had he missed

at him and said rudely, "Jacob, I think you don't want to lose

course, Jacob didn't want to. It was Poppy who took the

man standing next to Lucia,

let's go." Jacob could correctly

unhappy that Jacob was trying to make peace with Lucia. She couldn't understand why Jacob showed mercy to such a

here, and she doesn't deserve to be here.

Sensing Poppy's anger, Jacob scolded in a low voice, "Stop it. We can settle it in the future. We are at Mr. Berry's party. Arguing with

right, or..." Lucia raised her eyebrows, "Poppy, do you want to

after observing the surroundings, she could only hold back her anger, "Lucia, you're lucky

confrontation, neither Poppy nor Lucia

come to Lucia until Poppy and Jacob left. In his opinion, the two people were sent away by Lucia, but Lucia, who obviously had the upper hand,

what's wrong?" Arthur


whether she should

back to the balcony. Then he asked, "Lucia,

looked up at Arthur's eyes and

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