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Chapter 25 The Demon Was in Ecstasy

Not long after this, Eric passed away, and Lucia lost her spiritual pillar.

When she looked for support from Jacob, she found that his attitude had slowly changed. Jacob seemed to be devoted to work like her deceased father, and she, who understood her father, naturally understood Jacob. Fortunately, Poppy accompanied her. But it turned out to be a part of their plan.

Finally, the first wedding anniversary of Lucia and Jacob came.

Poppy suggested Lucia who was simple-minded should give Jacob a surprise and reserved a room in a luxury hotel for them.

Though Lucia and Jacob were a couple, they had never had sex. Lucia was still a virgin.

Jacob explained to her that he just wanted to show respect for her deceased father who made such a will. And Lucia had no doubt of his sincerity.

On that day, Lucia was ready to have sex with her beloved man. She carefully freshened herself up and made every detail in the room perfect. Then she drank the glass of water handed over by Poppy and fell asleep.

Then came the scandal that caused a sensation in Athegate.

The young lady of the Webb family, Lucia, was caught cheating on her husband on their wedding anniversary. After that, the Webbex Group fell into the hands of Jacob and Poppy and Lucia left in disarray.

"Now I recall it. I found I was so stupid..." Lucia said with a bitter smile.

Lucia thought that her parents would be very disappointed if they knew what she had experienced.

her from being hurt by Jacob. It was Lucia who stupidly

general understanding of the matter, he did not think that Lucia was stupid. She was just too kind-hearted to be treated gently by fate

looked at Arthur. It was the first time that she had

to be fooled

seemed to be able

she never lost her capacity to be

you." Lucia gazed into Arthur's eyes and said sincerely with

nodded and continued to ask. The following part was

old friend, Auntie Esmae. She helped me leave Athegate. When I arrived in the USA, I didn't find myself

remember which man entered the hotel room that day?" Arthur asked. He hoped that Lucia could

something wrong with the water. I only vaguely remember some hugs... kisses..." Lucia's face turned redder, but she went on, "I'm probably the most pathetic woman in the world. I don't even know who took my

gazed into Lucia's gentle eyes as he heard Lucia's words and sighed

who took Lucia's virginity. Also, it was his

in front of her was her son's father. Moreover, she had fell in

thought about finding that man?" Arthur had never spoken so carefully in his life. It seemed that Lucia was a rabbit in front of him. If he was not careful enough,

never. I even forgot him," Lucia murmured as she shook

it. Five years ago, she gave birth to her baby and entered MIT for further studies. Five years later, she even

man because the memory of that night had disappeared. Lucia felt as

but he also realized that it might not be a bad thing. She had said before that she had no hatred for that

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