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Chapter 29 Sleeping Over

"What?" Lucia stared up at Arthur in a daze. What did he mean by that?

"It's early in the morning, and it's cold outside, and you're gonna let me go home like this?" said Arthur, coughing awkwardly.

"Isn't that how you just..." Lucia muttered to herself when she understood Arthur's meaning.

"What did you say? I didn't hear you!" Arthur asked, bending his ear close to Lucia. He just didn't want to leave tonight.

"Nothing!" Lucia glared at Arthur and said loudly. But she was afraid that her voice would be too loud for Theodore, who was already asleep, so she glanced in the direction of the room and then looked back at Arthur. "Well, let me get you some quilts. You can sleep in the guest room."

Arthur nodded his head with satisfaction, looking rather cheeky. Lucia ignored him and went straight to the guest room. She knew Arthur would follow.

The guest room was diagonally opposite the master bedroom and next to Theodore's room. Arthur glanced at the master bedroom with the night light on. "Is Theodore sleeping with you tonight?" he whispered to Lucia.

"Yes," Lucia replied in a low voice.

Arthur said, "That's why I came here. I didn't want you to think too much."

Hearing this, Lucia glanced sideways at Arthur, but said nothing.

They went into the guest room and turned on the light. In fact, the guest room was fully furnished, but because no one lived in it, so the quilts were stored in the closet. As soon as Lucia went in, she began to find a quilt for Arthur. Arthur, on the other hand, sat calmly in bed and waited for her.

After taking a quilt from the closet, Lucia turned around and saw Arthur sitting on the bed waiting for her. She suddenly blushed. Did this guy have to sit on the bed?

Of course, Arthur had no idea what Lucia was thinking. When he saw her standing there with the quilt in her arms, he asked her, "What's the matter? Are you staring at me?"

"No!" Lucia said angrily, then took the quilt to the other side of the bed, deliberately bypassed Arthur, and put it down. Then she said, "I'm going back to my room. There's everything in the guest room. You take care of yourself."

about to leave the room, he said something that made Lucia choke. "Lucia, you're my first and only woman. Now, I don't force you to

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his watch on the nightstand and looked at it. It was 6:50 a.m., more than half an hour earlier than her usual time

thought as he got up. He asked Theodore if he had washed up. Theodore naturally shook his head and said that he had just got up, so Arthur took Theodore

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