She is a CEO

Chapter 30 Dinner Party

Lucia thought about it for a while, and then finally said, "Well, then, thank you, Sophie."

Lucia gave in.

A triumphant smile lit Sophie's face. With Lucia's approval, she quickly stood up and took her grandson to the dining room to have breakfast, which was cooked for him by Sophie after she got up early in the morning at the villa.

Seeing Sophie and Theodore together, Lucia felt amused and helpless. She had to talk to Arthur.

"I can't let your mother be my nanny," Lucia said to Arthur, who came up to her.

"Well, I'll get another nanny and my mom will be the chef here." Arthur had got a plan. He also felt sorry for his mother if she had to do housework all the time.

Lucia nodded. She had no other choice.

Arthur looked at Lucia for a moment, then gently wiped the skin under her eye and whispered, "Why do you seem to have dark circles?"

Lucia raised her hand and touched her eyes. She replied in an undertone, "I didn't sleep well."

After that, she looked up at Arthur, her eyes narrowed slowly, and said angrily, "You look like you slept pretty well."

"With you and our son by my side, of course, I sleep well," Arthur replied with a grin, his white teeth dazzling her.

Arthur was telling the truth, but Lucia interpreted it in a different way.

Why did she get the feeling that this guy was smug?

"I'll drive you to work later, but you need to go home with me first. I need to change my clothes and pick up a few things," Arthur said when Lucia was silent.

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