She is a CEO

Chapter 33 Meet Jacob Again

The lady was puzzled, and her daughter stared at Lucia.

As Lucia came along, she eclipsed the whole of her sex.

When Lucia came to him, Arthur's eyes became soft.

He answered softly, "This is Lucia, executive of Jibillion Inc."

"What?" The noble lady thought Lucia was a socialite, but Arthur's introduction to Lucia was unexpected. The lady was shocked. 'Lucia? The woman who cheated on her husband and hit the headline five years ago?'

Lucia didn't mind the questioning look in the lady's eyes. Standing next to Arthur, she replied confidently, "Hello, ma'am. I'm Lucia, Arthur's friend."

The lady froze for a moment, looked in a certain direction, and then excused herself and her daughter.

Seeing the two leave, others made excuses and left, leaving only Arthur and Lucia in the corner.

"Lucia, do not take it personally." Arthur knew why that lady acted that way. He lifted his hand to tuck a wisp of her loosened hair behind her ear, and soothed her in a gentle voice.

"Why should I?" Lucia smiled at Arthur and said, "You know the truth, don't you?" Then, she nudged Arthur naughtily.

The fact that Arthur knew the truth reassured her and gave her the confidence to face up to gossip.

Arthur laughed. Knowing Lucia didn't mind it, he changed the topic, "Eduard is like a proud peacock tonight."

"Have you been watching him?" Lucia suddenly asked.

you standing next to him. I walked here to have some quiet moments, but I was surrounded by a crowd of people." Recalling those women around him just now,

but now Arthur expressed his dissatisfaction so plainly. A smile lit up her face and she asked happily, "So

snorted, looked in Eduard's direction, and replied nonchalantly, "Not to embarrass him

burst out laughing. Indeed, if Arthur came over to her, she would go with him, which would

absence at this time. He looked around and did not find Lucia, because she

ended his conversation with his friend and wandered around

around, Arthur and Lucia were talking

by with the serving plate several times. Arthur didn't allow Lucia to take the wine but took some small cakes for her. Though she drank some wine when she

Arthur for being overbearing, she was actually touched by his

never be bored

someone staring fixedly

Group was a leading company in Athegate, so Jacob and Poppy were

back. Besides, Poppy didn't allow

When Lucia appeared in the banquet hall with Eduard, his gaze was fixed

Arthur's side, Jacob could not

he know that Lucia had hooked up with

Jacob was staring at her, but she noticed Eduard looking

realized she had been away from Eduard for some time, so she said apologetically "Sorry,

but she had work to do. Yep, in her eyes, being Eduard's date

We'll go home together," albeit reluctant to let Lucia leave,

smiled, nodded, and then whispered in Arthur's ear, "You drank


leave and smiled softly as he looked down at the glass

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