She is a CEO

Chapter 34 Two Escorts

She felt relieved.

Jacob did not notice Arthur coming, and when he realized it, his shoulder was being clenched hard by Arthur's hand. He trembled in pain and released his grip on Lucia.

Arthur quickly put his other hand around Lucia's waist and brought her back to him.

His eyes grew sharp when he saw her wrist turn red. He tightened his grip on Jacob's shoulder, and Jacob even bent down in pain.

Arthur suddenly released Jacob before he could struggle. Jacob lost his balance, stumbled, and almost fell.

When he got steady on his feet, he saw Arthur, who was protecting Lucia, staring at him with angry eyes.

Jacob glared at Arthur's hand around Lucia's waist, booed rudely, and said with sarcasm, "The escort showed up so soon?" But he received no response.

Arthur had shifted his focus to Lucia. He took her hand and gently rubbed her wrist with his thumb, with sympathy in his eyes.

"It doesn't hurt very much." Looking into Arthur's worried eyes, Lucia was very moved.

"You sure?" Arthur glared at Lucia, disliking the way she acted tough.

Then he said, "I have revenged you."

That was Arthur's style. He would avenge on someone who hurt the people close to him without any mercy.

Hearing this, Lucia smiled at Arthur. It turned out that Arthur would not let anyone who hurt her escape punishment.

stared at each other affectionately. Everyone could notice the

rage surged through Jacob. Jacob was thinking of the dirtiest words he could

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looked back and saw Eduard walking toward him with


Arthur had only been developed in Athegate in

It was said that he had dealings with the underworld. Thus, Jacob was

He noticed the intimacy between Arthur and Lucia, and the red marks on Lucia's

isn't that very rude of you?" With unfathomable emotions in his eyes, he stared fixedly at Jacob and said

would have been humiliating for him to do so, so he let out a snort of laughter. "You

mocking them for protecting a woman

frowned at Jacob's words. Arthur was staring at her, so he

said quietly before Eduard could respond, "Jacob, the

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Jacob change color, Arthur sneered and continued, "Webbex Group paved the way for you

If it were not for the incident five years ago, Jacob might just be a helper around Lucia.

you be if it wasn't for Lucia? Farming in the countryside? Or

not vent his anger, and he was

me. She cheated on me. I took over Webbex Group according to Eric's will. If he had given Webbex Group to

tightly. She nudged Arthur and stepped forward, staring fearlessly at Jacob.

you think you can turn the facts

though her words were unpleasant, but Jacob couldn't help

but we both know the truth. It's not like I can't collect the evidence to prove the truth. I don't haggle over it

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