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Chapter 35 Isn't He Afraid of Poppy?

Eduard had shown respect to Jacob by calling him 'Mr. Taylor'.

Jacob was annoyed that Eduard blocked his way. He glanced at Arthur and Lucia, who approached the entrance, and then turned to Eduard with a sneer.

"Mr. Burton, don't you think your love is one-sided?"

"I am never in one-sided love." Eduard smiled indifferently, blocking Jacob.

"She already has an escort, and you still get involved. Isn't it one-sided love?" Jacob could see that Eduard cared about Lucia as a wooer instead of a superior, so he teased Eduard in this way.

"It is hard to say if it's one-sided love, but you will never get Lucia again all your life!"

Eduard fought back. As a womanizer, Eduard could sense that Jacob was possessive towards Lucia though Lucia was just his ex-wife.

Eduard glanced at Jacob who was frustrated, and turned away without hesitation.

If it wasn't for Lucia, he wouldn't have wasted his breath!

The eye-catchers had left. Jacob stood still in the corner like a clown, lost in thought.

Arthur said goodbye to the host and got Lucia's coat. He wrapped her tightly in a thick coat before taking her to the parking lot.

Lucia was silent all the way, and Arthur would have thought she didn't care if it hadn't been for a glint in her eyes.

After getting into the car, Arthur opened the passenger door for Lucia for the first time and let her sit beside him.

Before Lucia could ask the reason, Arthur spoke, "I need to watch you."

smiled. Why did he want to watch her? Was he worried

but you don't have to pretend to be strong in front of

Jacob just now, and

Five years ago, he set me up and made me lose everything. Five years later, I haven't done anything against him, but he picks on me and keeps bringing up the past," Lucia murmured in confusion, wondering why Jacob got

she used Poppy who was suspicious and green-eyed to frighten Jacob. Yet he pestered her tonight. Wasn't he

you figure that out?" Arthur suddenly smiled and whispered to

got more confused. So, she asked,

just started

reason, but it was needless to put

afraid that Lucia would fall in love with Jacob again after she knew Jacob had feelings for her. He just didn't want her to be

But it was Arthur talking to her. He must have his reasons to keep it to himself,

when they

Sophie right away. After talking to Sophie, Arthur found out that tomorrow was Saturday. So Sophie took Theodore to East Sea and wouldn't be back until Sunday

he added, "Don't worry. My mother will take

it." Lucia smiled at Arthur. She was reassured to let Sophie take care

off her coat. He turned on the heating first, and then asked her to take off her coat

about it, she actually liked it

Arthur replied casually. Well, that was what his

it mean?" Lucia sat down on the sofa and


it's hard to be a woman in the modern society. They have to take care of the children and go to work. They can only have some free moments when they are with their lovers. If their lovers can't give them constant care, life will be too hard for them." Arthur

Arthur's explanation, Lucia could even imagine the scene

teach her

just... Lucia felt Arthur seemed to see himself as her

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