She is a CEO

Chapter 375 Brave self

Knowing that everyone was waiting for them, Lucia hurriedly walked into the living room to apologize to everyone,

"Sorry for keeping everyone waiting. I..."

"Lucia, it's okay," Sophie stood up and said without embarrassing Lucia, "We just had lunch. You and Arthur haven't eaten yet, right? Hurry up to the dinning room. I made chicken soup for you."

After finishing speaking, Sophie came over and took Lucia's hand and led her and Arthur to the dinning room. The rest of the people stayed in the living room, the atmosphere was heavy. No one had the mood to speak.

All Spencer thought at this moment was what Lucia looked like just now. Lucia had been crying for a long time. Her eyes were red and swollen. There were even traces of blood in her eyes, and her expression was haggard. Even so, she was still amazingly beautiful, and her pitiful appearance made him have the urge to take her into his arms and torment her fiercely.

Noticing that Spencer had been looking in the direction of the kitchen, Erik, who was sitting beside him, reminded him in a low voice,

"Spencer, watch your behavior."

Now they were not alone in the living room, with the Elliot family and the Edwin family next to them. Although they hadn't talked to each other, everyone's eyes were sharp.

"It's okay. It's not like they don't know my feelings for Lucia anyway." Spencer said indifferently, and even glanced at the others with disdain.

Sensing his tone, Erik couldn't help asking, "When are you going to tell her?"

"No hurry," Spencer said, smiling, "When she sees Theodore's weak look, she won't be able to struggle if she wants to."

felt relieved after hearing Spencer's words. His son was thoughtful, and he

Spencer were whispering was always watched by others, and everyone had different ideas about their action.

Spencer, what are you talking about? You look so happy." Bailey asked with a smile on his face,

we can have a good time? After all, everyone is frowning about Teddy's disease.

sociable, but everyone who knew him understood that he was actually a a friendly-looking villain. Under the smiling face, he had always been clear about love and hatred. He dared to speak out, but people can't find his fault, because what he said will never offend

their education was different. Spencer's duplicity was used for intrigue.Bailey used it to treat the other in the same way. He could hide deeper than anyone and his smile can stab people several times

stop joking," Spencer said it, pressing his father's shoulder to stop him

worried about

to be puzzled. "But I see you and Erik had a good time

just refuse to give Spencer an out because Spencer

Erik couldn't take

his head slowly and said to Bailey, " Bailey, be careful when

to his father, turned to Spencer on purpose and made a zipper gesture to shut his mouth, making

personally prepared soup for Lucia and Arthur, brought them delicate snacks

more and

she wisely stopped what she was about to say, because it

someone was manipulating her movements, she began to send food into her mouth, but every bite was without chewing, like swallowing hard. Arthur watched for a few seconds before grabbing her

Arthur blankly. Not knowing why he stopped her, she murmured, "Arthur, let me eat

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