Snare of Love

Chapter75: You Can’t Entice Her

Although the house was not that big, its decoration looked quite warm. There was a rectangular table in the dining room and four family members were sitting at the table.

As Jessica disagreed with Dolores’ request of coming back to China and if she wanted to come back she would have to marry Sampson, the table was shrouded in a depressing ambience.

Only the innocent Simona had no idea about what was going on. She was sitting in Dolores arms, asking her mom to feed her.

“Mommy, I want egg custard.” Simona pointed at the steamed egg custard that was as tender as soft bean-curd with her little finger.

Dolores ladled a spoon of egg custard and fed it into Simona’s mouth.

Samuel sighed whiling gazing at his innocent sister like an adult bothered by bothersome things.

Dolores put a spoon of egg custard into his bowl, “Children are not allowed to furrow their brows.”

“Alas.” Samuel sighed again.

Why did this kid sigh again after being taught that he shouldn’t?

“Samuel Flores, mind your attitude.” Although Dolores was rebuking him, she didn’t say those words seriously as she didn’t want to be tough to him.

“Why do you have the mood to have the meal?” Samuel threw a wet blanket on her.

“If you fail to persuade grandma, what should you do with your work?” Samuel worried about this matter more than Dolores did.

“Children shouldn’t be bothered by adult’s matters. What you’re supposed to do is to have meal regularly and to pay attention to your study.” Jessica ladled a bowl of soup for him, “Eat. You’re not allowed to involve in adult’s matters.”

Samuel discontented with her words, “I’m also a member of the family, so naturally I have my right to speak. Grandma, Mommy, let’s vote by a show of hands. The minority should be subordinate to the majority.”

“Oh, this kid. Who have you learned from? You’re really good at reasoning.” Jessica teased him. This kid was so young, but he had many ideas.

“Vote by a show of hands.” Samuel repeated his words in a resolute tone.

“You want to come back so badly?” Dolores saw through her son’s mind. It seemed that he wanted come back to China so badly.

She once thought that as her children had been accustomed to living here, they would not have the idea of living in the other place. Nevertheless, Samuel’s attitude was quite unexpected to her.

“Mommy’s hometown is also my hometown. I just want to know what your hometown looks like, Mommy.” Samuel said with a serious look.

Although Dolores wanted to come back to the country, she didn’t do so because of her worries about Jessica’s feelings.

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But Jessica still disagreed.

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lift his hand, “Who agrees to coming back to

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entice her.”

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As her mother and brother all had raised their hands, she also

Three to one.

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Mommy had risked her life to give birth to you two.

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much about this. Samuel was a child after all. She held him into her

his chin

managed to persuade Jessica, the ambience of the meal also became relaxed. Simona, who was nestling in Dolores’ arms, was sleepy and constantly nodded off, so Dolores carried her up. But the little girl seemed to feel that Dolores was about to leave the table and

Dolores was rendered speechless.

kid was so sleepy, yet she was still thinking of

sit back into the chair. Simona

Dolores to take the child to the bedroom and said she would clear

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