Sold to Mr. Arrogant

What’s wrong with him?

Lily's POV:

He did not come back the whole night, he slept in his old bedroom. I know that I rejected him but I did not expect him to act this way, I even tried to apologize but he strongly blocked me. My pride was hurt as I was waiting for him all night long but he did not come back.

Gerald informed me during breakfast that we will meet with the CEO of ChemiPharma and the executives of the company. We will discuss with them some documents regarding my rights over the company. It seems that Gerald will use me to kick him out and take over or something.

"I will also attend this meeting," Shawn commented.

"We won't need you there though,"

"I would like to help, I think that Lily should be supervising the work since it is her company, after all, I will help her recognize her duties."

"Did you forget that you have your own work to accomplish," Gerald clarified.

"I can always find time for my wife,"

After breakfast, I quickly followed Shawn.

"Wait," I said as I grabbed his hand for him to stop.

He looked at where our hands joined as if he was creeped out by our touch. Then he carelessly looked my way. Isn't he overreacting? Why is he being this arrogant? I wondered.

Gerald tell you about the will?" I

help though nor tell me anything about it, I guess you can take care of everything on your own," he

think I understand why he is this mad, he did not appreciate that I hid it from him. I had my reasons though; I wonder about what Gerald told

this at the moment, to be honest; my pride pushed me to head to my room. I needed privacy anyway so it suits me well. I

meeting will

deleted the message after it has reached him

wear; she said that I needed to look confident and beautiful to gain everyone’s respect. It is not as if I care to gain their admiration

same car, we followed Gerald’s car that was leading the way. The whole ride was silent; we did not address each other at all. Why did he choose to come on his own accord to help me if he was going to act this way? He is getting on my nerves, damn

We accessed the meeting room and everyone

are quite honored to

is my honor,

as I know, no one in this company wishes for Mr. Gerald to be the CEO, they know that democracy would be totally eliminated and their authority will

fancy words since

Gerald…” Siergo showed

have heard

since everyone is

only child of Indigo Finland and I have all the rights to become the owner

that arose from the seated gentlemen was no one other than Shawn, the only one who

being clear when I implied that I will assist Lily in leading

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