Spoil My Lovely Wife

Chapter78: Painting by the Sea

However, she would never know that when she came back to Barcelona alone and walked along the road, she would be choking with sobs... It might be as what he said to her that she would learn a lesson from what she had suffered.

She would never forget tonight when they were having sex in the car and she would never forget his gentleness and hot breath. She would always remember the words he said to her, “Jessica, I love the sex with you...”

It was said that if there was heaven which would attract men’s attention, it shouldn’t be Thailand, Cuba but Barcelona.

Because the Gold Coast was an ideal holiday resort.

The beach here was full of soft sand, the golden sunlight was shining, the sea was a hard blue with waves lapping the shore. The cool and salty air induced a feeling of well-being.

Most importantly, along the sea, there were lots of Spanish beauties in Bikini and they were from the Catalan nation and they were born beauties with a full figure, sexy complexion, blonde long hair and a gorgeous face.

Besides, they were energetic, enthusiastic and open with youthful vigor.

Countless men from all around the world were attracted to them and admired them so much...

When Jessica saw groups of Spanish beauties, she looked down at her slim figure, and then she frowned.

She peeked at Louis who was standing by her gloomily.

He was only wearing beach shorts showing out his sexy brown skin and V-line abs. He looked extremely sexy under the shiny sunlight.

He was even taller and stronger than any other man from Europe.

He was shape-figured and his features were strongly defined.

With a perfect body figure exposed to others, he had caught so many girls’ eyes...

“Hey... Louis Carter, why do you bring me here?”

She complained and glanced at those ladies who were gazing at him and she couldn’t help sighing that he was a “siren” for sure.

Jessica pouted her lips and glanced at the one-piece swimsuit she was wearing and then peeked at Louis angrily thinking that why she had to wear a one-piece swimsuit, but he didn’t.

She was a bit embarrassed and put her arms around her thin waist.

Though she looked more conservative compared with those beauties in Bikini, she had got a good body figure as well!

She had got a curvy figure.

Though her boobs were not as big as those beauties’...

Louis pursed his lips and was silent as usual.

He looked so cool wearing sunglasses.

Besides, he was holding an ultra-thin electronic Sketchpad with his left hand and holding a tent and deck chair with his right hand.

He found a place where there was not that crowded on the beach and pulled up a tent.

Jessica who was wearing a hat with her ponytail was following him. She was like a college student.

She was wide-eyed when she saw that Louis unfolding the deck chair under the tent and then lied on it.

“Louis Carter, do you just want to have a sunbath here?”

Louis peeked at her from his sunglasses and answered in a low voice, “you can go swimming but don’t swim into the deep sea.”

took out his electronic Sketchpad and a touch pen then he

excellent architect, his drawing was as good as a professional painter.

seemed that she had got used to that he would be

she said coolly to him, “You

that he was too boring.

there and draw when faced with so many hot Spanish

he a man?

to Jessica that he was a man for sure

could still feel the pain from her

out her cheeks with anger.

hat and bag on the sand then ran

felt so comfortable since the

thought that it would be greater if

water fight the most. How about

upset when she found that she didn’t know Matthew

still painting on the

He snorted.


hair was still dripping and his

in her hands. She admitted that she was indeed too

swam to the deep sea unconsciously and if Louis didn’t save her

was blinking her bright and black eyes

didn’t answer.

name carefully in a low voice.



 a tight and angry face.

Louis...” Jessica puffed up her cheeks

rolled his eyes

name again shyly,

composed but was clenching his fingers.

sighed and she was completely

affected embarrassment


eyes and stared at her fiercely and gritted his teeth, “Don’t you dare to call my name again!”

excited that she finally caught his attention.

she crawled closer to

rubbing his leg's thick hair

lips and acting cute, “fine, fine, I will stop calling your name. Don’t be mad at me. I didn’t mean

hair and he felt it so annoying then he said,

touching his leg

squatted by his side and murmured, “don’t be mad

eyes turned gloomy.

 her spine but she had no choice but to nod

the towel and held it in her mouth

then picked up his touch pen and peeked at her, “squat farther from me, I will draw a

the punishment would be that simple. She zoned out for a second then she

stepped backward right away.


what he said.

you a rabbit? Jump farther!” He was

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