Spoiled by Eight Uncles (Lily)

Chapter 1 Don’t Get Up Until You Apologize

Lambridge City, Promenade 1st Villa Area – the Hatcher Mansion.

Today was the Lantern festival. Colorful lights were decorated around the house, giving a touch of warmth to the cold atmosphere of the Hatcher family.

Suddenly, a scream echoed across the mansion.


Followed by thudding, a large-bellied woman fell from the stairs!

Everyone was surprised and hurried toward her.

Stephen Hatcher, the president of Ador Hatcher Corporation, quickly asked, “Debbie, are you alright?”

The woman’s face turned pale when she saw fresh blood trickling down her legs. Horrified, she replied, “Stephen, it hurts… Our baby… Quickly, save our baby!”

The house’s madam, Paula Anderson, panicked and asked, “What happened?!”

Debbie looked toward the top of the stairs with tears in her eyes.

Everyone looked up and saw a girl, about three years old, standing at the top of the stairs. Upon seeing everyone’s gaze, she hugged the toy rabbit in her arms tightly in fear.

Richard Hatcher roared angrily, “Were you the one that pushed Debbie?!”

The little girl pouted. “It’s not me, and I didn’t…”

While crying, Debbie begged, “No… Dad, it’s not Lilly’s fault. She’s still young, and she didn’t mean it…”

Her words quickly reaffirmed that it was Lilly’s fault.

Stephen’s eyes darkened, and he immediately ordered, “Lock her in the attic! I’ll deal with her once I return!”

The other hurriedly sent Debbie to the hospital while the servants dragged Lilly upstairs.

Even when a shoe fell off, she kept a stubborn face and did not beg or cry for help.

No light or heat could reach the dark and cold attic. The windows squeaked as if a monster would appear at any moment…

Lilly hugged her stuffed bunny tightly and curled up in a corner.

It’s so cold…

pushed anyone,

it was cold spring weather, the snow and the wind made their way into the attic through the window cracks, piling layers of coldness

entire day

and no one even knew that Debbie had punished her the day before.

had ordered that she was not allowed to leave until she admitted that it was


only close her eyes and mumble, “Mommy… I didn’t do anything wrong… It’s not my

that her mother had died

woman, and soon

was two-faced. She was only nice to Lilly when others were

as she squeezed her toy rabbit’s ears

long it had been, the door suddenly

up the unconscious Lilly, dragging her down the stairs and throwing her outside into the

cold surface

I’m hungry…” She

telling me is that you’re hungry?! I can’t believe I have such an evil

she could not speak

Why is she

behaving this way! Now that you’ve killed your unborn brother, who knows if you will start murdering people when you grow up?

broom from the corner, snapping the broom head

thick broomstick landed on Lilly’s body with a thud, causing her to scream

it your

really… not me!” Lilly bit her

are you saying your stepmother willingly fell down the stairs?!

in the hospital. Debbie was bleeding heavily, and the doctor had declared her situation as critical twice, but even on

young when her mother passed away. She was simply afraid that her baby brother might get the attention away from her and did not mean

he thought. He beat Lilly while scolding, “You’re still trying to deny

would get hit

out of his pocket. When Lilly was severely beaten, he finally stopped, so she lay paralyzed on

and kneel until your stepmother

his tie after he scolded her and left the broomstick behind

recently as his company had been facing a loophole for half a month

from the stairs and lost their unborn child, losing the only hope for

and he could

already been beaten to pieces. She tried to stand up but fell back onto the snowy ground with

felt that she was on the

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